Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Little Shop Of Flosso

If you are a comic book reader with vision -
You too can become an amazing magician!
Who can resist when the great Flosso lures?
He'll make Houdini's secrets yours:
But Houdini's known for escaping things
Not for conducting girls through rings.

Puzzles, hypnotism, jokes
Are sure to captivate the folks;
Your friends will be amazed all right
When the amusement lasts the night
And you're still going at half past one:
Five thousand tricks is a lot of fun!

Act now! Don't hesitate or stop!
To Flosso Hornmann's Magic Shop
Send off a quarter, and right here
Your catalog will soon appear.
And not too much time after that
You'll be looking silly in a stovepipe hat.

And "even magicians don't know these tricks" -
But logic like this is hard to fix:
For how can magicians help us muzzle
The power of the mind-reading puzzle,
And teach us jokes and tricks with rings
If even they don't know those things?

Perhaps the magicians that Flosso could find
Had to read Flosso's catalogue like a mind.

[The Bowery Boys have a great post on the Flosso-Hornmann magic shop, which was established in New York in the 1870s - and I seem to have commented on it, too! And the ad is from a 1971 comic book.]


Eric said...

I have a good memory, but not good enough to remember 5000 seperate magic tricks.

Lidian said...

Eric - Even Houdini would have a problem trying to remember 5000 of anything!

Tori Lennox said...

Flosso sounds like quite the over-achiever to me. 5000 tricks, mind reading, puzzles, hypnotism and jokes?!

But hey, you can't beat free membership in the Great Houdini Magic Society!

Lidian said...

Tori - Yeah, it does sound kind of fun, actually!

David said...

When I was a boy I was an avoid comic book reader. I remember those ads in comics selling stuff…magical stuff. The actual product could never live up to the ads. X-Ray specs? I got them. Talk about a boy being disappointed! But some of the stuff was actually cool. Like a pamphlet describing how to become an Escape Artist and Handcuff King. I liked that one.

Lidian said...

David - I actually have seen the ad for X Ray specs and would like to write a post around it in the future. i loved comic books too, but i was only allowed to have them when I was sick in bed (not too sick to read all the fun ads though).

Hairball said...

Flosso sounds like a brand name for some of those disposable plastic dental floss pick thingies.

Lidian said...

Hairball - It does. That reminds me, I need to get some more of those!