Friday, July 10, 2009

Paint Job

There's an art to looking crisp, cool, lettuce-fresh.

Yeah, there is. It's called being a piece of lettuce. Well, not the cut-up lettuce in those plastic bags. Or some of the iceberg I've seen in corner stores. OK, let's start again.

What you need in the summer is paint. Lots and lots of paint. As in the Helena- Rubinstein-makeup kind of paint.

If you don't slather on lots of foundation and powder and "bright lipstick," you just won't be fresh! Of course, your skin might possibly be able to breathe. And stay clean. And the circulation of air on the epidermis wouldn't hurt.

But if you do not want to "wilt in Victory Gardens," you will get out your brushes and start painting! You need to be dressed for a cocktail party and made up to the hilt when you are gardening, ladies. (Who knows, maybe you'll meet some debonair turnips and share a martini or two.) This is what your skin needs when you're digging in the dirt.

And the Victory iceberg lettuces will thank you.

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Tori Lennox said...

Yeah, just what I want to do, slather on a bunch of makeup to work in my Victory Garden.

So if this makeup makes you look lettuce-fresh, does that mean your skin looks green?

Lidian said...

Tori - Oh, I didn't think of that! It might. Thanks a lot, Helena, for the compliment!

Meghann LittleStudio said...

LOL, of course I want to slather myself in inches of crusty makeup when I am gardening in 100 plus Fahrenheit weather (that is 30 plus Celsius for the metrics). I love having makeup melt off my face - sexy!

Eric said...

Girls and their makeup is a mystery to me... Would it impress a girl if you kept her makeup crisper with one of those water spray bottles? Like they do for produce in the grocery store?
Please get back to me soon on this, I'm about to try it.

Hairball said...

I was just thinking what Meghann LittleStudio said!

Don't most women wear less makeup when it's really hot outside?
A little self-tanner the night before (so I can skip wearing foundation), sunblock, mascara and lip gloss is my makeup routine for scorching days.

Lidian said...

Meghann - It does sound enticing, lol!

Eric - I think women do this with little Evian spray bottles, or they used to - I think it it supposed to set the makeup, somehow. I don't know a lot about this, can you tell? And some women keep makeup in the fridge, or that is what the magazines used to say back in the 80s. Perhaps one could keep it in the vegetable crisper. I'll let you know if I can find out more. Commenters, please jump in!

Hairball - Well, you and Meghann are right, I really don't think hot weather and makeup, no matter how fabulous it is, go together all that well!

OilGirl said...

Just stopping by dropping EC, wanted to say hi and that your blog always makes me smile! Love the retro stuff! :)
Jen at Oils For Wellness

Lidian said...

Jen - Thank you! :) I enjoy your blog too!