Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dances With Hollywood Wolves

We've had some advertisements about this sort of thing before, a little item called the Wolf Whistle. You can go have a look at them here and here.

But this is the ultimate version; the top end of the line. This is the original Hollywood Wolf Whistle. It not only makes a "wolf call" but also "other weird noises." One can only imagine what that must be like.

How enchanting.

You too can look like a cartoon animal in a bowtie, chomping a cigar. Maybe you can pretend to be working on a few movie scripts, too (that is probably where ordering the Descriptive Literature would come in handy).

It works not only in cars but in trucks, on motorcycles, in motor boats and "outboard motors, too." So basically, you can harass women with your obnoxious and weird noises everywhere, on land and sea. How impressed they will be!

If they are not sufficiently thrilled (and I suspect that they may not be) - just tell them Cecil B. DeMille sent you. And that he has one of these on his limo, too. He gets the chauffeur to do the wolf whistling, though.

Ad from Popular Science, June 1948.


Shay said...

pfffft...wolf whistles are for sissies.

Real men use air horns!

Relax Max said...

I've seen this ad before. In fact, I've seen enough of this genre to believe someone must have been buying this stuff. Like you, I have also given considerable thought as to what kind of person would buy (and use) this kind of product. Even assuming most of them would not have the intelligence or ability to actually install the device, that still leaves a sizable core faction of idiots on the loose out there. Granted, the ladies would probably come running up to the car panting for sex if they heard this deluxe wolf horn, but then what? Have you ever thought about that? I'm sure they didn't either. Sad, because for some it probably was their last hope to find lasting love.

Eric said...

Hah! When regular plain old harassing the women doesn't work, we turn to the wonders of technology. Awesome, I must put this on a nice Mercedes sedan.

Bill said...

Our next door neighbor, Elmo, would beckon his wife, Kitty, to his side with a whistle, and it used to set my mother's teeth on edge.

GoRetroGirl said...

This is hilarious! I actually miss guys giving a wolf whistle - lately all I get from passing cars when I'm out walking is "yeah baby!" and whoots and all other kinds of obnoxious or perverted stuff. The wolf whistle seems almost gentlemanly these days by comparison.

Lidian said...

Shay - Absolutely!

Max - There are all sorts of ridiculous and sad scenarios suggested by this sort of ad...

Eric - Yes, technology to the rescue once again!

Bill - It would have set mine on edge too. I expect that Kitty felt the same way.

GoRetroGirl - That's a good point, the dialogue is even worse than the sound effects.

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

omg - yeah see, ads were sooooo incorrect. So offensive!

i dont know if its bad taste to laugh but I cant help it!

Lidian said...

Tracy - The ads that are in questionable taste are often (usually) the ones that make me laugh the most. So much fun :)