Sunday, August 2, 2009

Flashing Haiku

Tricky flashing eyes:
Used by many magicians
This ad alleges.

Stick red balls in eyes,
And feel lightning in your ears.
Also, some blue stars

Pop out of your head.
It just doesn't look easy.
It does not look fun.

No chemicals, but
Something alarmingly odd:
Bad mojo gone worse.

"Astonishing," yes.
"A beautiful effect," well,
Maybe for robots,

From the planet Spark
Where one greets friends with faces
Just like Joy Buzzers.

You can feel like this
Without the mystery props,
And it's easy, too:

Stay up for a week,
Stick finger in a socket,
Then smile and say, cheese.

This fabulous comic book ad (and many of its friends) can be found at GlyphJockey AKA Glyph Jockey, which is a terrific site.


Bill said...

This ad is really intriguing.
I'll bet there were scores of disappointed little boys when they discovered they had spent their money on eye make-up.

Lidian said...

Bill - One of the many things I like about this ad is that I have NO idea what this could be. And there's no address to send away for it either (I think) is just rife with mysteries.

Tori Lennox said...

So... 50 cents to learn how to blink your eyes? O-kaaay.

Kath Lockett said...

And for only 50 cents? Cheaper than acid, I suppose...

Eric said...

I wonder if it could be some sort of static electricity trick? Now we will never know....

Even if it did 'work', it doesn't seem very safe. :)

Margo said...

maybe one too many magicians went blind and the technology was forever lost? (love your new design)

Lidian said...

Tori - It really is not a bargain, is it?

Kath - And slightly more amusing, maybe.

Eric - Mysterious, and unsafe. What a great deal! :)

Margo - I'll be that's what happened...and thanks - I am playing around with tiles as you see - I have a 1959 catalogue full of samples, this is from the oilcloth page - and there are lots more, so I am having fun :)

GoRetroGirl said...

This ad is for the guy who keeps buying all of the flashing ties...because too much blinking around the ladies is never enough! Come to think of it, he appears to be wearing a bowtie.

Glad you enjoyed the Shakespeare Beatles clip - I agree, they really were the best!

Lidian said...

GoRetroGirl - Of course! Wish I had thought of that, it is the obvious present for him! Am surprised LinkWorth did not come up with that (I like LinkWorth but i don't understand the criteria they use)

Marcheline said...

I'll tell you what it is... a bottle of Krazy-Glue and a couple of silver sequins.

Think outside the box, peeps. Glue a shiny thing on each eyelid, and by blinking your eyes you create "brilliant sparks".

I would have made a great rip-off ad artist in the good old days. I knew I was born in the wrong era...