Monday, August 24, 2009

Hairku Off Face

Stubble and trouble:
My face was hairy, all right.
And life was lousy.

Beard, lady, circus:
Thoughts ran their vicious cycles.
I tried many things:

Even Brad, smirking,
Lent his electric razor,
And some Barbasol.

Then Annette Lanzette
Rhymed grandly into my life,
With something simple:

A Mystery Thing,
A method that is painless,
Yet not electric!

Tweezers and a sign
Stuck to the back of my head
Saying: Hair Off Face.

Brad laughs at Madame.
He has just made a bad joke,
About vain women.

I am smiling now;
As I turn quickly towards Brad.
Watch those sharp corners.


Ron Eklof said...

Lidian, You bring out the haiku in me:

Dear Madame Lanzette
My superfluous face hair
Is tied in a bow

Alack and alas
What would nosy neighbors say
If not for your plan

Unloved, discourage
Damned hairy face is my woe
Razor, cut, cut, bleed

Life is joyful now
Beauty, love and happiness
I thank you Annette

And thank you Lidian

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...


The Crazy Suburban Mom said... think any one sent for this one?

Susan DeAngelis said...

I want to learn to haiku!

Wonderful :)

Lidian said...

Ron -

I thank you also
For such delightful haiku -
Witty and sparkling!

Tracy - You know, I'll bet some people DID send for this!

Sue - It is great fun, you will love it! :)

vicy said...

Hopping here..Hope you can visit me back..God Bless!!

Eric said...

It's always that darned 'superfluous' hair, isn't it? :)

Lidian said...

vicy - Well, I'll see where I hop to, I will try! Thanks for visiting :)

Eric - Like Gilda Radner said, it's always something. Always, always.

Marcheline said...

I love the way the ad is written as if by some regular person who is sitting in their living room, writing a letter inviting you - personally - to find out what they do to solve a problem.

And the address? "Department 812". Because everyone has a Department! Didn't you know?