Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Innocent Until Proven Quilty

Here we have a little bridge party going on. Well, the girls are really trying. Although I think you need four people to play bridge.

But Helen has decided that she isn't going to play. She wants to show off and fuss with her Big Quilt Project instead. Hey, look at me, girls! I've draped my quilt over this table like a tablecloth, how groovy is that?

Helen, really, if you are invited to a bridge game, you need to leave your little hobby at home. Otherwise you will be the object of rapier-like bridge-party wit, and be called a clever "dummy." So hilarious.

But the Barbara Taylor Quilting Book people know all about this sort of social interaction. I guess they shlep their quilting projects all over the place, too. Can't you see them at cocktail parties, trying to sew and have a few highballs at the same time? The edge of the quilt could come in handy as a cocktail napkin though. Those little pigs in blanket things are greasy.

The Quilting People explain it all:

They're talking about you - and with reason. You don't waste time. You're energetic, creative and resourceful. You are making your own Morning Glaze quilt...and enjoying yourself in the process.

Yes, they certainly are talking about you. That is because you are a nutbar. But such is the price of creative genius.

Speaking of nuts, the name Morning Glaze sounds - well, sticky and full of icing sugar. There's a thought. Helen, next time, bring a Morning Glaze coffee cake instead.

[Ad from one of my vacation secondhand-bookstore finds, a funny little magazine called The Workbasket, from 1968.]


Tori Lennox said...

I had the same coffee cake thought!

Steve said...

I think they intended it to be the iPod of their generation. Everyone has one and they pull them out at all manner of social events. It's a little less inconspicuous to pull out a quilt but at least you can be reasonably sure they're still listening to you.

Eric said...

Hah! No morning glaze of any kind on my bedding, thanks.
If I want to bore friends at poker games, I can just haul out the stone and mosaic works in progress.
Maybe that's a good way to let them know when it's time to leave?

Lidian said...

Tori - Well, it does sound delicious :)

Steve - But are you still listening to them? ;)

Eric - It's subtle, but it works! (I pull out old magazines or my genealogy files)

aldon @ orient lodge said...

I think you might be missing an important aspect of bridge. Yes, it does take four people to play, two teams of two people. After the cards are dealt, the players go around in a circle bidding on whose hand it will be. Then, the actual playing of the cards begins.

The partner of the person who has won the bid sits out that hand and is called the 'dummy'.

During the night, each player is likely to be the 'dummy' numerous times. A clever 'dummy' is someone that brings something to do while they are sitting out a hand.

The idea of bringing quilting is a good idea, as is bringing other forms of sewing or needlework.

Hairball said...

The wrapper on the Morning Glaze kinda reminds me of a loaf of Wonder Bread.

Lidian said...

Aldon - Thank you, that explains a lot! As you can see, I know less than nothing about bridge! ;)

Hairball - Yes, it does. Maybe that was the inspiration!

Drowsey Monkey said...

lol@ the price of creative genius.

Looking at your blog I'm glad I wasn't an adult during that time - I'd have made a very bad woman. And I don't mean that in the fun way. lol

Lidian said...

Drowsey Monkey - You an me both. I suspect I have a hidden agenda of sarcasm due to having been surrounded by ads like this even in the late 60s and 70s ;)

Marcheline said...

Ladies, ladies... get your heads out of the kitchen!

"Morning Glaze" is what guys wake up with when they don't use Lifebuoy after a romantic interlude!