Thursday, August 6, 2009

Spanish Vig Tabs

Surely you've heard of these "Spanish pep tabs." Why, land sakes, they are famous! Famous all over the world for their magical powers.

Just send Eureka Laboratories (whose name hints that they are all taking Vig Tabs and shouting 'Eureka!') - send them two dollars for "double strength" Vig Tabs (in a plain wrapper, of course). That is, if you can manage to summon up the energy to stuff the money in an envelope.

And soon you'll look just like the fellow in this ad. Dressed like a bullfighter. Ready to tackle anything or anybody.

Too bad he looks like he needs a nap, a few jokes and maybe an ice cream cone. And a Genuine Bullfight Poster of himself, that might cheer him up. Oh - and a few Vig Tabs.

From Wikimedia, circa 1926.


Tori Lennox said...

Hmm. Last time I checked, the word "Eureka" was Greek not Spanish. And if you take these pills do you have a sudden urge to run with the bulls in Pamplona? Or get in the bull ring in Madrid (or even Tijuana, Mexico)? I'd think you'd discover some energy without the pills if you did either of those.

David said...

Did it change the bull-fighter's blood red?

Eric said...

Did the bull fighter take a Vig tab? Or did he just stay at a Holiday Inn Express?

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Bullfighters use them? lololol... I dont get the appeal of the word Vig? Is it maybe an era thing? or is it short for vigor? man. that ad is sketchy!!

Lidian said...

Tori - I don't think the man in the ad is going to have the energy to run with the bulls in Pamplona - or anywhere else (like maybe Wall Street). Those pills aren't working on him!

David - That must be a side effect.

Eric - I think he stayed at Motel 6, judging from his expression.

Tracy - It sure is a sketchy ad - and so are the others in the Wiki folder. Some of them are even sketchier and seedier, so I am looking forward to using them of course.

Amy said...

My goodness - what a name for a product. Wonder if VIG was short for viagra? hmm

Bill said...

I wonder what white-blooded bullfighters used?

Lidian said...

Amy - I was thinking that they did sound very similar.

Bill - They used the 'lite' version, maybe.

Crystal Raen said...

LOL. I want some so I can fight the bulls! Sorry I've been MIA have missed reading your blogs!

Marcheline said...

The thick, albeit pointing-in-the-wrong-direction phallic symbol of the ages.... the arrow! Just in case you didn't catch on to where a man might be needing "energy"!