Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tooth In Advertising

Ah yes, "the show must go on" (as the ad says, bizarrely enough) for this unhappy, untheatrical little head tied up in a spotted dishrag.

Naturally, quick and amazing relief is on the way, courtesy of Dent's. But of course. But I wish that Dent's would just own up and say something like this:

Well, we think it might help, but - it might not, we're not sure. It probably won't. But you might as well try it. They're gum drops for your teeth. They sound a little bit like candy. They are going to take the toothache away. That is, they might. But they are gummy. They will stick in your sore tooth.

And if that doesn't work, we also make tooth drops. Oh, and also ear drops. Take the drops and - you know, drop them. After all, "the show must go on." Break a leg, little head. Or perhaps, break a tooth.

This ad is from Billboard, November 25, 1944. You can see the actual container and some of the Tooth Gum over here on eBay - it was real gum like chewing gum, but you were not supposed to chew it; you stuffed it into the cavity.

And over here is a horrible candy from 2005 called Toothache Candy, shaped like little teeth. Do not click the link unless you are prepared (nay, expecting) to be grossed out. You have been warned!


Bill said...

What's up with the rag? I never understood that palliative for an aching tooth. Maybe it's simply a signal that someone is suffering; a bid for sympathy and, perhaps, a Dent's Tooth Drop.

Susan DeAngelis said...

That crazy! lol

I have a little crack in one of my back teeth -- maybe I should buy some of that gum.


Tori Lennox said...

I've always wondered about the reasoning behind tying a rag around one's head for a toothache, too.

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

OH HOW I LOVE MEDICAL ADS :) Thanks for making my day with some craziness!


Lidian said...

Bill - And what a great visual bid for sympathy it is! I keep thinking that Beatrix Potter had one of those bunnies - Peter or Benjamin - with his head done up so, and there I was at 2am last night hunting for pictorial evidence (another wild and crazy Saturday night for me!) But I think I may have made this up.

Susan - I especially love the strange ads, and this qualifies.

Tori - I never thought about it but it is really kind of odd. I think Bill is right.

Tracy - Next to Jell-O ads and bad recipes the medical ads are the most fun! ;) Oh, and on Doubletake I am going to run a retro-recipe poll or game or something, tomorrow. Sort of what I used to do when Kitchen Retro was more Kitcheny, but more interactive (I think)

Eric said...

Toothache candy? Whenever I want to simulate a toothache, I just chew on some tin foil. Owwww (do NOT do this; it is horribly painful).

Shinade aka Jackie said...

I have never heard of wrapping a rag around your head for a toothache before.

I always learn something new here with every visit.

I do wonder if the candy has oil of cloves in it. Clove oil will numb a tooth ache until you can get t a dentist but you have to be careful.

It will also burn your gums if you use too much!

I hope you have a terrific day!:-)

Lidian said...

Eric - That does sound painful! The toothache candy is really quite horrible, as it is candy teeth that you dip in cherry goop. Which will presumably later on give you a real toothache. Who thinks of these things, I wonder? Perhaps a neo-Dentite.

Jackie - I've heard of the oil of cloves thing, that is a very good point. I'll bet that's exactly what they had in them.

GoRetroGirl said...

I really wished I hadn't looked at the toothache candy - that totally grossed me out!

The only cure for a toothache is the dentist!

The Exaggerator said...

There was actually a slogan as went with that logo of a man with a bandaged head for Dent's Toothache Gum (to use its proper name):

"A Swell Affair" (sarcastic pun intended).

It may be a little hard to find Dent's Gum these days, as opposed to Dentemp (motto: "You Can Eat on It").

Lidian said...

GoRetroGirl - I know, it is gross! The things people think up never cease to amaze me.

Exaggerator - What a great motto, lol.

Dimestore Lipstick said...

Dent's was around as recently as the 1990s--my husband used it. It was wax, reinforced with cotton fibers, and saturated with oil of cloves. And it made anything you ate taste absolutely horrible.