Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Wear-Ever Girl

It began harmlessly enough. A couple of saucepans, lined up on the kitchen table. She admired them while she was having a coffee mid-afternoon. Sometimes she did the Charleston for them in her flapper outfits. She was the Clara Bow of saucepans, and she was young, and it was - well, really quite fun.*

They were, after all, Wear-Ever. That's the bee's knees, Wear-Ever. Shiny. Durable. "Friendly to food," the ads said. It's nice to be friendly, isn't it? And - well, she just liked looking at them, OK? Was that so wrong?

It's not like she was hurting anyone. It's not like she was throwing them at Mr. America's head when he didn't eat up all his creamed onions or anything.

But as the years went on, things got a little - strange. She always asked for Wear-Ever for Christmas and birthday presents. "It's what I want, dear," she'd say, poised with the shiny coffee pot held menacingly high in one hand.

And now it's 1956 and things have come down to this. Coffee klatsches on the living room rug with dozens of her shiny little friends. See how they all cluster around Mrs. A., resplendent in her best pink ballgown.

Better get a few more coffee cups out, though. I imagine that the whistling kettle and the deep fryer get awfully upset when they feel left out. And the double boiler would like a sugar cookie, if you haven't eaten them all, instead of those creamed onions.

* I realize that the 1920s flapper would only be 30 years away from 1956, not 56 years. Hence, my favorite four words-for-writers: willing suspension of disbelief! Thank you and good night.

A thousand thanks to Lisanne at Flickr for this one, from a 1956 Good Housekeeping.


Lin said...

I would think that Mrs. America's favorite thing would be a nice cocktail and NOT pots and pans.

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

The ads with the gowns and cocktail dresses always crack me up. But this lady with the pot Ive never seen this ad :)thanks for the giggles!


Tori Lennox said...

Wow!!! I can't believe it! An ad for a product I. Actually. Own! I have an entire set of Wear Ever pots & pans. Never actually sat in the floor and had a coffee klatch with them, though. I don't like them THAT much. LOL!

My mom even has a set of Wear Ever! It must be genetic....

Lidian said...

Lin - I think maybe she had a few of those already!

Tracy - I knew it would be fun to write about because I cracked up as soon as I saw it (this is my scientific testing at work)

Tori - They do look like nice pots and pans, but I don't think anyone really would give parties for them like this. LOL at your having them! (the pots and pans, not the parties for them, I mean) :)

Eric said...

Why is a royal robe, scepter, and crown lying on the chair behind her?

Is she a queen who has metaphorically removed the trappings of her high station to mingle with the common aluminum serviceware? Or maybe it is a sexist reference to the man of the house at whose feet she struggles with cooking implements to please?

We may never know.

David said...

I would guess the 56 year reference would be to the row of women dancing across the top of the page on their way to marital bliss - starting in 1900.

But what's with the roll of aluminium foil in the lower right corner - to make repairs to the aluminum pots?

RE Ausetkmt said...

do you think she loads the dishwasher in her cocktail frock ?

I happen to have my first set of revereware that I got in 1984. still sparkly and wonderful. great post.

Lidian said...

Eric - Oh, I didn't see that! The plot thickens like a Hollandaise.

David - Yeah, you're right about the little decade girls at the top, I was just trying to make the story hang together...Yes, probably she repairs them with tinfoil :)

RE - I love Revere ware too, I have some of my mom's from the early 60s and you're right - it is fab! :)

Bill said...

She looks like a Pink Pied Piper, trailing a large flock of cookware.

I didn't grow up with Wear-Ever. Mom was a Revere Ware & Guardian Service gal. These days, with cooking skills restricted to shouting orders to a drive-thru speaker, I guess most people would call this What-Ever cookware.

Lidian said...

Bill - Like I was saying to RE (saying in a virtual way, you know what I mean) I am a Revere fan too, since my mother had a set of it. I remember you mentioning your Guardian set, which must be spectacular! This stuff really does last forever, they knew how to make cookware then.

Having said that, I would not have tea parties with mine...

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Marcheline said...

What they don't tell you is that this cookware can ONLY be stored on the floor. It can never be set on a coffee table, nor can it be set on a different coffee table with a magic levitating top.

It's not called "WHERE Ever", and now you know why!