Friday, September 25, 2009

All About Eve's Makeup

Eve's To Do List, 1945

1. Make the snake sit on your head to mimic a cunning little hat. Bribe it with the promise of a makeover.

2. Put a gold buckle on its head. Ignore hissing and protesting. Tell snake you know a thing or two more about fashion than it does.

3. Put dusting powder all over the Garden of Eden, to brighten it up.

4. Put a nice shiny red apple in middle of powder. Give it a sidelong sultry look. Ignore snake's sarcastic remarks about people who think they are like movie stars just because they spill powder on the ground and try to impress pieces of fruit.

5. Put moisturizing cream on snake to beautify scaly skin. Hope that it will shut snake up.

6. Apply Revlon's new Fatal Apple Lipstick. Fatal? Wait - maybe you should dress up like Snow White! Ignore snickering from snake on head.

From Ad Access.


The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

oh my my my... see this is one of those ads that make me go...what were they thinking?

Its like, I don't get the sum of these weird parts.

And what about the word fatal is a good thing!

Eric said...

Sooo... How did they know what Eve looked like again? Are they saying that the new 'in' look is naked or a fig leaf if you want to dress it up a bit?

Lidian said...

Tracy - So many bad ideas in one ad!

Eric - I was wondering that...I think they are envisioning Eve in a New Look getup. Adam must be wearing a zoot suit, I think.

Leeuna said...

Wow, I'm so happy that it's 2009 and we don't have to walk around with snakes on our head and powder on our apples. And WHO would think the word "fatal" would help sell a product. Well...if the consumer was suicidal, then maybe...

Tori Lennox said...

Those early ad men sure had access to some GOOD drugs.

vanilla said...

That "to do" list cracks me up. Even the dog wonders why I'm laughing!

Lidian said...

Leeuna - Yes, it's good to be here in 2009, with apples in a bowl on the counter and snakes - well, really far away.

Tori - They sure did!

vanilla - Your dog and my cats too! They often give me a look of disdain as I chortle over the ad of the day!

Relax Max said...

You saw all that in this ad? All I saw was an apple sitting in some sand and a really inappropriate head airbrushed in. What are they selling? Ah, lipstick. How about airbrushing a lipstick in next to the apple. Lose the head. Really. Never mind - I'll write to them. You just answer comments.

Hairball said...

"Fatal Apple"

Did it contain Red Dye No. 2 or something???

Lidian said...

Max - I suppose the lipstick is in that box near the tree, but as you suggest (you did suggest this, somehow, right?) it isn't doing any good in there.

I see all sorts of things in these ads, but I don't always tell you all of them ;)

Hairball - I would not be surprised if it did.

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