Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Awful Waffle

Apparently it's Waffle Night at the Joneses. And if you want to keep up with them (and you know you do) - you're going to have to haul out the waffles, too. Hey, that rhymes. But this isn't a poetry post. I'll do an ode to Duff's next time (there are more Duff's ads to mock, you know).

And what are the Joneses jonesing for on their waffles? Creamed peas. "No meat, but everyone's happy." Is that what they told you, Mrs. Jones? Perhaps you are just misinterpreting that nervous laughter that's going around the table.

I seriously doubt that anyone has said that they are happy about creamed peas on a waffle for dinner. Are we sure the phrase isn't "throwing up with the Joneses"?

Thanks, but I think I won't keep up with them after all.

There is even more Duff's Waffle Mix fun over here, from the summer of 2008.

[Thank you to TJS Labs Graphic Design for this one, from a 1943 Woman's Day.]

And thank you so much to Mommy Kennedy at The Frugal Kennedys for the best Blog Award!

And also: I have disabled Entrecard ads. I'll let the already-bought ones run and then I am leaving Entrecard. Not a fan of the sponsored ads. How about you? Do tell in the comments!

I'll be bookmarking and subscribing to lots of EC friends, so it isn't goodbye at all. And I'll have more time to visit, comment and - you know - actually write stuff.


Ron Eklof said...

So funny, I had to hold down my smile as I move to the vomitorium.
Next, creamed chipped beef on a waffle. Urp!

heidi said...

those Joneses really know how to make chicken & waffles sound like a damn delicacy! i think a teething baby would reject this meal plan.

Tori Lennox said...

OMG. Creamed peas on waffles?! That makes me feel even more ill than I felt before I read this. What were those ad men thinking????

Needless To Say said...

Maybe better if they'd called them "whirled peas" -- the kind those bumper stickers are always telling us to envision...

Hairball said...

Creamed peas on waffles?!? Is Regan from The Exorcist coming to dinner???

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Honey, creamed peas on waffles is disgusting... flat out disgusting.

And it looks like cat food on waffles after the cat got to it

'nuff said

Eric said...

Those waffles are as sick as pea soup...*

'Hey, Leggo of my Duf... oh, nevermind, it has disgusting stuff on it'

*'sick' NOT indicating 'good' or 'cool' as is now the common vernacular.

The Exaggerator said...

Obviously not related to Duff beer, as featured on The Simpsons from time to time.

Or, for that matter, Sun-Rise Waffle Mix, as figures prominently in several Garrison Keillor short stories (as subsequently collected in his volume Happy to Be Here) and his novel WLT: A Radio Romance.

aldon @ orient lodge said...

I must admit, growing up in a household of depression era cooking, creamed peas on waffles doesn't sound that bad. I remember many meals like that.

SOS - Loosely translated stuff on a shingle. MGS which was Mass General Special. Mass General being the hospital that my grandmother had worked at, and MGS being pretty much SOS with a tomato on top.

Of course, if we were lucky, we would have sardines for dinner.

Yet with all that, I don't think my mother would ever use a mix to make waffles.

As to EntreCard, for the time being, I continue. However, when they cut the credit for being dropped on, I cut my dropping and advertising in half. I may make further cuts as EC continues to devolve.

Lidian said...

Ron - Yup, that's what's for dinner tomorrow night! ;)

heidi - The teething baby went out for a burger, I believe.

Tori - It's a mystery all right!

Needless To Say - But the word 'whirled' does not make one's stomach feel any better..

Hairball - Maybe, she hasn't RSVP'd yet.

Tracy - You're right, oh lordy, you are right - and i have two cats and I can tell you that I have some experience with this, at 7am this morning in the bedroom, actually. Sigh.

Eric - Yeah, you can have that Duff's waffle. No need to leggo.

The Exaggerator - I love Garrison Keillor, I must reacquaint myself with his writing, particularly his waffle-related writing.

Aldon - I was going to hang on at EC but - just had enough, really. I tend to go on and on and then rebel all at once :)

Amy said...

ewww what a meal...I've been thinking the same about entrecards lately as well funnily enough

vanilla said...

Funny, funny post. Made me spew my green pea--er, tea.

What Aldon said. There was that time when we were grateful for anything to eat. Still, I'll take my waffle without the peas, thank you.

Lidian said...

Amy - I have too. It is not just the sponsored ad thing, either.

vanilla - I agree, waffles are fine, but the creamed peas are not.

Relax Max said...

Get Duff's Waffle Mix.
Just add water mix bake that's all!
Jonses throwing up.

Lidian said...

Max - And they'll never complain about Swanson TV dinners again! Ever. They have learned their lesson.

Staci at Just Bloggled said...

Hmm, I know some parents get inventive when it comes to getting their kids to eat their veggies, but that seems to be taking it a little far. I can just see someone going to IHOP and asking for cream corn instead of syrup or whip cream. The waitress would probably put in a quick call to the nearest mental ward. Yuck.

Lidian said...

Staci - This is entirely too inventive! ;)