Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Coffee and Banquettes

This place is a restaurant and just to make sure you realize this, the sign outside says "Restaurant Restaurant." It's twice as good as anywhere else in Dallas in the 1950s. In town or in the country!

And I especially love the banquette seating that wraps around that central pillar. I'll have my cocktails there, please.

I'll be having a Country Club, which according to my Jimmy of Ciro's cocktail recipe book - from the 1930s - is made with 1 part French vermouth, 1 part Bacardi Rum and a teeny dash of Orange Curacao.

The Cowboy cocktail, which is also appropriate here at the Restaurant Restaurant, is made of 2 parts whisky to 1 part cream. That might be nice mixed with coffee, later on, since it is National Coffee Day. (Thank you so much to Louise at Months of Edible Celebrations for this info, otherwise I would have been swigging coffee all day not realizing that I was actually celebrating something as well as dosing myself with caffeine. I always like this kind of multi-tasking.)

So - scratch the Country Clubs and let's have Irish Cowboy Coffees instead.

And thanks to coltera at Flickr for the fabulous postcard!


The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Ohhh, how did I miss this blog :) Its fabulous!

vanilla said...

I did not know it is NCD; but then every day is coffee day here in Hometown.

I always learn something worthwhile when I come here.

Lidian said...

Tracy - This is the new, low-key, do-whatever-I-like blog (and I guess I like retro, so there you go) - so I am just having fun. Glad you like it and thanks for visiting :)

vanilla - It's always Coffee Day here at my house too :)

Patricia Rockwell said...

I was watching an old movie with Hubby yesterday and one of the characters was sitting on a banquette. I asked Hubby if he knew what the guy was sitting on and he didn't, so I told him, "a banquette." Thanks for making me look knowledgeable!

Lidian said...

Patricia - Ditto - because I was having to think what it was called, too! lol