Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Dishonor Roll

No good is going to come out of this, is it?

For $3.50 you can buy a thousand pieces of fake - OK, counterfeit - money, and make them into one giant roll. A 1920s financial futomaki roll of play money.

And then what? Why, you start "flashing [it] at the proper time and peeling a genuine bill or two from the outside of the roll."

You can see how stunned the fellow on the left is. This is just the sort of impression you want to make.

"The effect created will be found to be all that can be desired." So basically, you can start deceiving people just as soon as the nice folks at the novelty company can mail you the fake money. Just imagine the possibilities! A life of deception, criminal activity and possible jail time could be yours, just by purchasing this item.

So dig through your old Monopoly set and find some nice white dollar bills to send to Johnson Smith and Co. in Racine, Wisconsin. I'm sure they won't mind. Just roll them up, stick a real dollar bill on top and put it in the mail. That's sure to make a great impression.

[Johnson Smith and Co. had a full page ad with many things like this - actually even worse stuff, which we can get to later - and it's from Popular Mechanics, November 1926.]

This is a belated contribution to Retro Tuesdays under the gracious retro aegis of Tracy at Crazy Suburban Mom. If you would like to make your Tuesday Retro also - and really, why wouldn't you? - you can go over there and join in, too.


The Crazy Suburban Mom said...


financial futomaki roll

LOLOL! I love this :)

Lidian, I did a give away like a week ago and forgot to announce the winner cause my car died and my phone...well, my phone issues... But you won. Sorry for the delay. Can you email me your address and I'll mail it to you when I can get to a post office...

I don't even know if you remember the button...lol..but it was a big glittery rhinestone number :)


P.L. Frederick said...

Do they call it Stage Money because it only acts like real money?

I remember an Archie comic based on a similar principle: put the big money on top, the lesser money underneath. Like, when trying to impress your date, take 10 nickels and put a quarter on top.

P.L. Frederick (Small & Big)

Hairball said...

I'm not ordering until they throw in a free roll of currency toilet paper. It's common knowledge that all the fashionable faux millionaires and millionairesses have currency toilet paper.

~~louise~~ said...

Just popped in to say Hi and thank you for the retweet. I can't get the hang of this twitter stuff for anything!!! I'll keep at it.

I see you still have that retro "charm." I'll take a roll and a wooden nickel please:)

Lidian said...

Tracy - Oh my, thank you! I will e mail you.

P.L. - Yeah, this is just the sort of thing Archie might do to impress Veronica. But then he won't be able to pay for the fancy date, and hilarity (as always) ensues. It usually does ensue rather than some other verb.

Hairball - That would be more useful, too.

Louise - You're most welcome! I am trying to get along in Twitter but really I am just treading water most of the time :)

Tori Lennox said...

Or you could flash that huge wad of money in the wrong venue and find yourself being mugged in the parking lot.

eveningflavors said...

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Amy said...

oh boy, bet they didn't know that pretend money is now illegal. wouldn't like to be in their shoes.

vanilla said...

But of course. People are so easily impressed by "big money."

There is something for you, Lidian, over on String Too Short to Tie.

Lidian said...

Tori - That's very true.

eveningflavors - Why, thank you.

Amy - I was wondering if it was actually illegal back then. Maybe not.

vanilla - Thank you! :)

Auntie E said...

Oh yeah, I get it:-). thanks for the type...