Friday, September 25, 2009

Matchmaker to the Socks

I'm going to be trying out a few memes over the next few weeks, tweaking them to have a retro cast because this is turning out to be a catchall-retro blog. I just really like old pop culture, I guess. But this is the Friday Frustrations meme - brought to you by Conversations With Moms - so we're going to talk about something I don't really like. Something, in a word, frustrating.

How 'bout socks? I like socks in general because they keep feet warm and dry and fairly happy.

But why oh why oh why:

- Do socks always hide when they go in the wash? I always end up with odd socks when they come out of the dryer. And I don't think they're hiding in there on the side because I look. They're gone! They must sneak out the back door when I'm not looking.

- Do they pill and get all stringy in the most annoying places, like across the inside of the toes? That's no good.

- Do high socks sag like W.C. Fields' jowls? Retro socks mean droopy high socks to me. Socks with almost no elastic in the tops. Green ugly Girl Scout Socks. Navy or white plastic-knit socks (you know the kind of plasticky yarn I mean) that were around your ankles ten minutes after you started walking to school. Talk about frustrating!

-Oh, and one more thing. I'm just tired of pairing up socks. Matchmaker to the Socks! Ugh, such a bore. And they don't even come back and tell you good dating gossip. Mind you, what would that be like? 'He was too linty and needs darning - find me someone newer!'.

Image from Graphic Design - TJS Labs. Look at how this lady has dealt with her sock frustration by cutting them all into fringe and making a lovely dress out of them!

[I'll catch up with the old postcards next week, on a random day. The retro recipe might move around a bit, too. Wow, talkin' 'bout a revolution...]


Grace said...

Then what you need are these

Lidian said...

Grace - If only I'd had those in 1968! lol

Kath Lockett said...

Lidian, if you've ever read Douglas Adams, he suggested that there's a planet where stray socks and pens go to hide. I think he was right and my sunglasses, mobile phone covers and teaspoons have joined them!

Maria @ Conversations with Moms said...

Hilarious! I agree, socks are both very useful and frustrating.

Lidian said...

Kath - I think I have a pair of pants from 1991 that went there, too. I did wonder where they had gone. (At least I was not wearing them at the time)

Maria - They are. And they also frustrate me because they are so boring too ;)

filmtub said...

good old times!

Staci at Just Bloggled said...

I haven't thought about my Girl Scout socks in forever. Didn't they have some kind of elastic thing that you wore over them at the top. I remember having an orange one that went over the brown socks when I was a brownie. I think there was one for the GS, too. I hated those! They were like bad knee highs or trouser socks that fall down when you walk.

I have the problem with socks in the washer and dryer, too. I swear there is some alternate universe out there that they go to. Seriously, like a world run by socks.

Shinade aka Jackie said...

LOL, I am a flip flop or bar foot girl!! my husband is always amazed out how I can walk on just about surface barefooted.

He can't walk into the kitchen without socks and shoes!!

I just don't Lidian. My heart is fading fast.

Happy evening!!

Lidian said...

filmtub - Yeah, absolutely! ;)

Staci - I never had those little garter things for Girl Scout socks. And yet there was a Girl Scout store in NYC, which I actually went to. It was in the East 50s somewhere. Hmmm...a future post perhaps?

Jackie - I love flip flops, too. And Crocs!