Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Neverending Coffee

Old Shirt: Hey! Hey, lady!...Excuse me, do you think you could turn around for a minute?

Dirty Pot (stage whisper, from sink): Ahh, what's the use, she ain't listening to you. You're a Banlon shirt flapping around on a hanger.

Old Shirt: Oh, like you're a big expert, you with the Kraft Dinner mustache sitting on top of a frying pan.

Dirty Pot: Well, I've been around this kitchen a little bit longer than you, buddy boy. And I can tell you, when she's slurping Folger's, there's no talking to her.

Old Shirt: Too bad we don't get Folger's down at the office. Then maybe Biff would shut up once in awhile. He complains all day about his stupid In drawer. You oughta hear him whine! And he's wearing me. No getting away for a little nap in a dark cupboard, like some folks.

Dirty Pot: Aw, forget it. Just shut up. She'll be done in a minute. I know that cup and lemme tell you, it's a lot smaller than it looks.

Old Shirt: No such luck, she's got twelve jars of Folger's on the counter over there. Looks like we'll be here awhile.

[Many thanks to David Middlecamp at Photos From the Vault (fabulous photos from the archives of the San Luis Obispo Tribune) for this 1958 gem.]


Needless To Say said...

Love that it's a Banlon shirt!

Tori Lennox said...

Is that Mrs. Olson in her younger days? Before she went door to door peddling her addictive coffee?

Dee said...

Thank you for the link to Photos From the Vault. As a SLO county native, I didn't know the site existed. I've spent the better part of my morning looking at the pictures. As always, your blog will continue to be the first thing I read in the morning.

Eric said...


She has the look that says 'Oh dear, now did I put the poison in the sugar bowl or the sugar in the poison bowl?'

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

That's one scary looking housewife! lol.. I so love your blog :)

Lidian said...

Needless To Say - They are particularly saucy, I think. In various ways.

Tori - Most likely :)

Dee - It is a terrific resource and I was lucky enough to find it because David Middlecamp was kind enough to send me the link for this ad. And thank you for the kind words - I am thrilled to think that people enjoy KR as much as I love writing it! :)

Eric - After another few cups of coffee, she'll probably remember.

Tracy - You bet she is! And I love yours, too!

Hairball said...
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Hairball said...

Let's try that again...

I think she spiked her coffee. *hic*a

Leeuna said...

Hahahah. Love the conversation between the shirt and the pot. That's the way my dirty dishes talk sometimes...only they use profanity!

Lidian said...

Hairball - Looks like it, from her expression (which is just like mine when I have a little something something)

Leeuna - Mine are probably talking right this minute, and I can't imagine what sort of language they are using! ;)