Friday, October 9, 2009


Ann Page is going to make peanut butter and jelly sound exciting. This will take more than a little wand waving. But intrepid Ann has put on her little orange witch's hat and is ready to go. Too bad her lower half didn't materialize. She needs to work on that.

She is going to transform us cynical muggles, so that we will be hurrying to the A&P as fast as we can, filling our shopping carts to the brim with glass jars of spreadable stuff.

Let the magic begin! Let's see what's on the retro craft table at Hogwarts back in the days when Dumbledore's beard was merely stubble:

Fruit Fingers: Toast strips with jelly and coconut on them. (You will have to throw a bag of coconut into the cart, too.)

Roll-Ups: Bread, peanut butter and chopped watercress. Roll it up like an old rug so no one can see the watercress. (Oh, better put watercress on the list, too. Or perhaps not.)

French Squares: Jelly sandwiches dipped in egg and fried. French toast with jelly, basically. In squares. Hence the name.

Salad Dainties: Chicken salad sandwiches with lettuce (OK) and fruit preserves (not OK). Ann must be getting tired at this point. Things are getting into the wrong places!

And finally:

Sandwich Hints (or possibly Mints, the scan is hard to read): Peanut butter with chopped prunes in it, on bread, plus apple slices. This is not something I would hint about. Also a sandwich is not a hint. Not unless you drop it on someone's head, of course.

Important: Do not forget the apple-cheese-cube-and-olive porcupine centerpiece, whatever you do. Just tell the house elves to make a note of it.

[From Life, October 15, 1951. Want to see the big version? Come on over here! Yeah, I will make more of my Flickr images public, in the near future.]


The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Okay, see I was going to say something about how so many ads have these disturbing disembodied, um, bodies. But than I saw the recipes and the mutilated torso has nothing on peanut butter and watercress...

I'm skeeered.

Needless To Say said...

Which recipe yields the white frosted (or frothy) ones with what appear to be jellied square centers? They definitely look both delicious and thrifty.

Ann may have been making this food trying to deflect attention from her more popular sister, Bettie.

Anonymous said...

Is it wrong that this actually makes me hungry? Even the salad dainties - Ann was just way ahead of her time. She obviously foresaw the trendy food phenom of the mid-nineties. You know, when we randomly tossed together the contents of our salad crisper, our spice rack and and whatever was on the third shelf of our pantry at the time(Frito-lays, baker's chocolate, cherry JeLLO), smothered it in balsamic vinegrette and called it "fusion" food. - G

Lidian said...

Tracy - Oh dear, I forgot to use the Disembodied Heads tag (which I created for just this sort of occasion)

Needless To Say - That is a fascinating family connection - I can see what sort of rivalry was going on there, definitely! :)

Georgina - Some of them do look good (coconut plus jam, etc). Not so much the watercress and chopped prunes, I think Ann started to lose the plot a little around there.

vanilla said...

oh, I dunno. The cress & prunes don't sound too bad. gosh, I must be awfully hungry.

Lidian said...

vanilla - Well, it's teatime here in the northeast so I think that means we can all have a little something!

heidi said...

hmmmmm....looks like a plan for the kitschenfeast, no?!

Tori Lennox said...

Maybe it's just me but wouldn't watercress be better on the chicken salad sandwich? *scratching head*

Jessica Cangiano said...

Some of these actually sound a bit yummy (coconut and jam is redolent of certain holiday cookies), but peanut butter and prunes? Noooooo thank you! ;D

Hope you have a marvellous Thanksgiving weekend, sweet friend!
♥ Jessica

PJ said...

lol, don't think i'll be trying any of those recipes any time soon! hey, they stole the bewitched font...hehehe! have a great day...hugz!

Lidian said...

heidi - It could be, absolutely! :)

Tori - Yes, yes it would.

Jessica - I agree entirely :)

PJ - Oh yeah, it is the same, I didn't notice that :)