Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Little Sweater For A Can

You appreciate what Comet - or Dutch Cleanser - or whatever you favorite is - does for you. It is full of greenish gritty stuff that sticks to a  sponge and helps you have fun scrubbing the bathtub. And - well, it's almost time for the holidays. Time to show a little appreciation for the little helpers in your life. Right?

Hence, the Crocheted Cleanser Cover.

This is from a 1964 book called 101 Things To Make For Fun Or Money.This probably comes under the "For Fun" category. If you had to choose. Although I am not sure how much fun you will have. That is hard to say. Perhaps they mean that the can will have fun wearing it. Or that people who see what you've been up to will have fun talking about you after they go home. One of those things, anyway.

So if you happen to have a bunch of Comet cans sitting around and you want them to look lovely, this is the pattern for you! It certainly will brighten up that under-the-sink cabinet.Or perhaps you will like these covers so much you will display all the Comet and Dutch Cleanser cans on a knick-knack shelf.

I suppose you could also make covers for the cans in your kitchen, too. And the frozen orange juice cans. With heavy wool yarn, of course, because it's cold in the freezer!


vanilla said...

Absolutely too funny!

Lidian said...

vanilla - I got this book (for 99 cents) mainly for this project. I thought: that could be a post, one of these days! And here it is...

Amanda said...

The fact that my comet can is cold is a constant concern for me. Thank goodnessmy problem is now solved :)

PJ said...

oh my, they sure came up with some silly things back in the

have a wonderful sunday!

Lidian said...

Amanda - I am very relieved to have seen this, too! ;)

PJ - They sure did. And I am glad they did! Hope you have a great Sunday too.