Monday, October 12, 2009

Pretty Fly For A Hi-Fi

Questions - so many questions. And so few answers, really:

-Why would anyone want to ride around on a broom in evening clothes?

-Who exactly were The Three Suns? [Answer:  instrumental lounge music group, active circa 1939-1959. Thank you, Wikipedia!]

-How can this little album have "everything"? What does that even mean? I can think of many, many things it does not have in it. Socks, paper clips, junk mail. That's three things right there!

-Why add in The World's Largest Pipe Organ? How does this set a romantic mood? Although perhaps the blast from it is what is levitating that broom.

-What sort of "new mood" do they want to set in mood music? I'm thinking the mood will be either (a) Earsplitting Headache (see World's Largest Pipe Organ), (b) Free Floating Anxiety (see: perched on broomstick in fancy outfit) or (c) Short Circuited (because this is Electrifying Sound).

-And not only is this priced at a special low, low price but there's bonus poetry, too: Hi Fi Buy!

January's Hi Fi Buy!
Like a tea tray in the sky.
Lady, don't you wonder why
Your broom swept up that random guy?
He'll make it difficult to fly.

[From Life, January 7, 1957.]


The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

You captured everything that made vintage ads bizarre kind of... They were all these little vignettes of strangatude. Each individual thing was odd in itself and made no sense, but together the whole things a giant perplexing, What the....?

I don't know maybe there was a shock and awe thing, confuse 'em and they will buy?

But yeah, everything you said, just yeah...

Anonymous said...

Um, you forgot to mention the big phallus, um, er, broomstick, or um is that the pipe organ that they are riding? The image is just wrong on so many levels. LOL! - G

feefifoto said...

The Three Sums. Hmmmm... Weren't they Robbie, Chip and Ernie?

Tori Lennox said...

The whole pipe organ thing reminds me of an old Dennis the Menace cartoon I read as a kid. They're in church and Dennis whispers to his mom, "That organ music is making my frog nervous". :)

Lidian said...

Tracy - I really, really would like to know what it sounds like (but only for a few seconds)!

Georgina - Yeah, I know! I kept having to rewrite that little poem ;)

feefifoto - They may have been the Three Chipmunks recording under another name...

Tori - lol! That record would certainly make a frog nervous.

Kath Lockett said...

I like the fact that it's the PRICE that is in the largest letters, and the guff about the largest pipe organ, three suns and setting new moods is in much, much smaller font.

...and are we absolutely sure that it's the broom sweepy/straw things emanating from the bloke's arse or it is his own rather personal response to the music he just suffered through?

Lidian said...

Kath - Oh, you are making me giggle! That's some personal response, if that's what it is. And I'm just glad I'm not her ;)

Relax Max said...

I really didn't believe this one. Too bizarre. Thought you had made it up. So I tried to find The Three Suns on YouTube and was unfortunately successful. You weren't lying.

They were in an early tv studio so the organ was regular and not pipe. The Sun who plays the organ also does the singing. Another Sun plays a monstrous rhythm guitar and the other Sun plays - of course - an accordion.

Well, the organ nearly drives you bats. Makes you quite weak. But then towards the end, the accordion Sun takes off and delivers the final blow. I had to stop it right there. Even their shoes with the white tops couldn't save it for me (they were dressed alike of course). The video I watched was of them murdering "Blue Horizon". No broom in sight, but I still couldn't listen to it all the way through.

Btw, the idea you gave me was to investigate if modern print ads are just as bad, wild claim-wise. They are. I will spoof one soon.

Lidian said...

Max - That was courageous of you to actually listen to the Three Suns - I just couldn't! The description sounded too terrible. As you say.

That's a great idea, and I look forward to your spoof -

Dee said...

Well, I had to go and listen to Beyond the Blue Horizon. It wasn't that bad considering it's organ and accordian music. I felt like I should be skating to it. My parents probably did skate to it.

Lidian said...

Dee - It does seem like it would be perfect skating music. Maybe the mood was a skating mood?

Marcheline said...

The girl tosses back her head flirtatiously to ask the musical question: "Is that the largest pipe organ in the world, or are you just happy to see me?"