Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thirteen Ways Of Looking At A Piecrust

Welcome to my first Thursday Thirteen!

This 1965 ad (thank you to the amazing Graphic Design TJS Labs!) says that there are 15 amazing secrets about Mrs. Smith's pies. They will only tell us three. That leaves twelve.

But I can tell you thirteen secrets, on account of its being Thursday and all. So let's make some pie:

1. Add preservatives to the pie crust.

2. Cook that fruit until it begs for mercy.

3. Now add in some chemicals.

4. Don't be afraid- those chemicals are yummy!

5. Preservatives and chemicals are Modern.

6. It's OK not to like making pies, ladies.

7. You know what's really tough? Getting the crust even around the top. Two words for you: piecrust machinery!

8. Not buying that? Let's shift gears then. Imagine Mrs. Smith is a sweet old lady making pies on her farm.

9. With apples from her very own orchard.

10. She's making them just for you.

11. She lives to make you delicious pies!

12. Also she is good friends with Jane Parker and Betty Crocker. They all live in the same town.

13. Proof: the rolling pin on the box. That is Mrs. Smith's very own actual rolling pin. For real.


colleen said...

I would be making a real pie if there had been any apples in our secret orchard this year.

I'm with you. I agree that homemade is the best! These were funny!

Calico Crazy said...

You had me giggling all the way through. We never buy store made or frozen pies, YUCK!

Calico Contemplations

Heather said...

Funny! I admit to occasionally buying pies from my store's bakery, but never frozen. Thanks for visiting my post on card making!

vanilla said...

You are a riot!
[and I understand Mrs. Paul lives over there just by the water.]

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I've actually never made pie, and I love to bake. It seems intimidating, which makes no sense. I know how easy it really is.

Lidian said...

colleen - I have not made pie in years. I used to though - sometimes.

Calico Crazy - Store pies are not wonderful, I agree.

Heather - If the store makes them they can be the exception that proves the rule, though.

vanilla - Yes, she has a sea view! lol

Susan - Pie can be intimidating, which is one reason I don't make it much (I actually have a whole flotilla of reasons)

Ann Bruce said...

My secret is the bakery down the street.

Lidian said...

Ann - That's a GREAT secret! :)

Grace said...

Mrs. Smith's pies are quite good. Never read the ingredients, just scarfed them up - they are better than bakery pies.

Tracie said...

So funny!! I always knew that Mrs. Smith and Betty Crocker were friends.

Great list! Happy TT!