Saturday, October 10, 2009

An Unlucky Strike

I really, really, really do not want to know what this guy's wind is like. Well, or anyone's.

Look at him: a creepy, staring, disembodied head, talking on and on about what splendid shape his - ahem - wind is in. It doesn't seem to make him very happy, though.

Which would make two of us.

I don't think the Luckies are the only thing that's toasted.

[From LiveJournal.]


Margie and Edna said...

He has kind of a Jimmy Cagney/gangster look to him too, doesn't he?

"You'll smoke Luckies, or else, see?"


The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

omg everythings wrong. on every level... the head floating. The creepy stare... the wind, wind?

Yeah you're right. He's toast.

This may be the scariest ad yet.

Anonymous said...

He's got that scary part cherub/part drag queen/part James Cagney menacing look. His shirt used to be white, but now it's black (hence floating head)from smoking too many Luckies. - G

Tori Lennox said...

On the plus side (for Jimmy, anyway), since he's a disembodied head he shouldn't have to worry about lung cancer. Though of course that makes one wonder just how he would have wind, anyway, good or bad....

Relax Max said...

Careful - Bob Beattie was an American sports legend and is in the NFL hall of fame. Lived to be 81 in spite of endorsing cigarettes. The picture looks nothing like him. (At least not when he was 80 Heh.) He was cool. Luckies were not/are not :)

I wonder what the heck toasted does? Doesn't ALL tobacco get toasted when you burn it?

You just gave me an idea. Thanks.

Wendy said...

What I noticed was the "All American, Princeton 1920" (20?)

My grandmother's cousin was a football star, too, at Texas A&M. He was recruited by Marlboro. There's a street named after him at A&M: Jarrin' John Kimbrough.

He died of lung cancer when I was a little girl.

What was it with the cig companies killing off the college football players??

Lidian said...

Margie and Edna - Or else you get a grapefruit in the face!

Tracy - It certainly is the scariest disembodied-head ad I've found so far...

Georgina - Yes, that shirt has seen a lot of smoke all right.

Tori - I am worried about the wind thing, especially if he is only a head...

Max - You're welcome. I'm intrigued, of course.

Wendy - I don't know, I think that so many people smoked back then that the cigarette companies were able to get away with linking them to a healthy lifestyle. That is really interesting about your grandmother's cousin.

vanilla said...

No Throat Irritation, No Cough.
No Lie?

Lidian said...

vanilla - No kidding! ;)

Jessica Cangiano said...

Between all the freaky lighters (aka, arsonists best friends) and wonky ads for cigarettes in decades past it's almost amazing anyone took up smoking or bought what these companies were totting. Hmmmm, must have been those ads that had doctors recommending certain brands of cigs that had the masses lighting up ;D

Wishing you a marvellous week ahead, my friend!
♥ Jessica

Lidian said...

Jessica - The Stanford collection, Not A Cough in a Carload, is full of incredible ads extolling smoking. Really unbelievable!

Hope you have a lovely week too and I'll be visiting :)

Marcheline said...

I think the artist who put this ad together might have been pretty well toasted, too.

He couldn't decide whether dude's neck was coming straight down under his chin, or out the side of his ear... what in the name of wacky-neck-ness is THAT about?