Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Whisper of Capiscum

Snider's is different because we simmer in a whisper of capiscum, the high-spirited chili pepper. It puts the zing in Snider's, gives food a bright new lift. You already know what the others taste like. Now, try Snider's.

Hail, capiscum catsup,
Whispering as it simmers,
Zinging through the bottle -
Through the glass it glimmers:

Orangy and spicy!
Dump it on your chop,
Pour it on the baked beans
There's more at the shop.

That capiscum pepper
Whispers, then it shouts:
Pour me on your pancakes,
Silence all your doubts.

As for normal ketchups
Everybody knows
Plain tomato boredom
Which makes dinners doze.

Kitchens will awaken
And capitulate to saucy
Essence of capiscum
As bright as it is bossy.

Diners' heads exploding
With a burst of Snider;
Serve with fire extinguishers,
And a quart of cider.

The ad is from Life, January 25, 1960. The text seemed so bizarrely poetic - I always wonder who wrote these things!

I'm thinking of expanding into posting some classic commercials as well as print ads, and maybe also ads on things like matchbooks and other odd places. The rest of my retro stuff will be posted over on The Doubletake, at least for now.

I am considering returning to Entrecard in order to drop on my favorite blogs - I miss that EC toolbar!  - but to use it mainly for that, not to drop eleventy-thousand cards a day like I was. It will enable me to visit more of the people I want to visit, as well as get writing done - and that's my main intention.


JD at I Do Things said...


Your poem makes me hungry for something spicy (not pancakes). That photo, however, makes me want to barf. What IS that stuff???

Lidian said...

JD - It is orangy chili-pepper-flavored ketchup that, I suspect, was not produced for very long.

Me-Me King said...

Yummmm, ketchup. This is an interesting twist in advertising - condiment poetry.


Georgina said...

Pass me the Tums. Oh, and don't forget to read the fine print on that back of the bottle that warns food handlers and cooks using Snider's to wash their hands BEFORE they visit the little boys room. And afterwards too, of course. - G

Lidian said...

Me-Me - It's really very edgy for Life magazine in the 50s! I wonder if one of the Beat poets had a hand in it, somehow (the day job?)

Georgina - Oh, of course! And yes...Tums. Funny, because I almost went with a Tums ad instead, lol.

Needless To Say said...

Bravo, Lidian! If you can write an ode to catsup there's really nothing you can't do.

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Pour me on your pancakes???

lol...oh thats just wrong :)

and ill have you know, strangely (and Im not kidding my word verification word was - pankille

and I didnt notice till i posted what i posted

Lidian said...

Needless To Say - If only my thesis advisor had known! ;)

tracy - Now that's serendipity!

Jude said...

I'm really glad you decided to return to Entrecard because even though I have good intentions of visiting those that left I find it's usually once a week or every other.

Lidian said...

Jude - Well, that's it exactly. I wanted to use EC for staying in touch with everyone - using the toolbar just guarantees that I will get to visit all my faves (it is SO hard to do otherwise)

Your correspondent said...

So I just stumbled on your site and your blogs and started to get creeped out because we like all the same things. Vintage cookbooks, advertising blotters, retro anything...and I am a writer too.

Speaking of which, I cannot stop myself from editing whatever I read, and I noticed that you spelled 'capsicum' as 'capiscum."

Having at one time willingly rubbed the stuff on my arms, I remember quite vividly how to spell the word.