Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cool and Calmanac

Well, look at this -  beauty advice from your wittily-named 1956 Vicks Calmanac? They are experts in cough medicine and cough drops and, of course, in Vapo Rub. But beauty hints?This is surprising. Of course what they really needed to show us was how to look great when you have a bad cold: how to put concealer on a red nose, or how to get just the right Lauren Bacall voice out of a bad cough. Also they should have made Vapo Rub in a variety of delightful scents, like Chanel No. 5.

Instead, here are the usual things about blotting your lipstick (good thing you have lots of Kleenex around anyway) and applying perfume to your pulse spots (or Vapo Rub No. 5).

The blue earrings will not only set off your pearls, though, but will make a nice contrast with that red nose.

But one thing no one wants to do is whiten their teeth with a Q Tip dipped in peroxide. They think twice a week is often enough? That's twice a week too much, actually.

A slightly bigger version of the Hints is here. I am going to make more of my terrible (and not-so-terrible) scans public, I promise. Maybe it could be one of my New Year's resolutions.


PJ said...

tried to look at the bigger version, but it said it was private and i didn't have access.

i remember when we were little and sick my mom used to make us eat a teaspoon of vicks with sugar. i still can't believe that she did that, lol.

have a great day!

Georgina said...

I like tip #6. What a cheap solution. Move over Crest WhiteStrips. I don't understand tip #2. Blot and reapply? Then why blot in the first place? Oh well, I'm not a glamour-puss anyways. - G

Bill said...

Rats! I was getting ready to dash upstairs for a Q-Tip & peroxide.
Maybe I'll compromise, and just do that once a week.

Lidian said...

PJ - Nuts, I thought that link would be OK. Sorry, will fix it up ASAP. As soon as I get done with NaNo I will fix up the whole Flickr thing...

Georgina - I am no good with glamour either, never have been.

Bill - I think that's more than fine.