Thursday, November 5, 2009

Crazy Hat Day, 1940

Maybe you have to get used to it: it's not the glasses, it's the hats.

What kind of hats are these supposed to be? On the left, dark foliage picked off a leftover fake Christmas holly centerpiece from 1937. Suggested facial expression: Judy Garlandesque, yet bemused. As if you were about to start singing "The Trolley Song." Clang clang clang went the holly!/Ding ding ding, a dingbat/That's what I really feel like/As I simper and pose in this hat.

In the middle, bits of aluminum foil with a burnt cookie dangling over the forehead (a tribute to Baking Gone Wrong). Suggested facial expression: high-mindedness (think Eleanor Roosevelt here, though she would never bake, or wear, such a contraption. But if she did!...) For extra credit: a white pre-tied bow taken off a wedding present and stuck in your d├ęcolletage.

And on the right, a View-Master disk covered with colored paper, glued to a black and a white headband sewed together. Suggested facial expression: haughty. She's better than you, because she has twelve scenic views of Cleveland stuck in her hat. That's got to count for something. In Cleveland, anyway.

The ladies do have a problem with their "goggles" though. Clearly, they got their prescriptions all mixed up, and each of them has the wrong glasses. Because not one of them got a good look at what is perching on their heads.

From Modern Mechanix (1940).


Jen said...

I wish I could write copy like that! Those glasses are something. And the hats... Does anyone wear hats anymore? I know you have to in England if you are going to a wedding but really no one wears them anymore. I don't really wonder why.

Georgina said...

Reading this reminded me of how much I loved my Viewmaster as a kid. I hadn't thought about it until today...thanks for the bit of nostalgia. Don't you wish though, that we could wear fancy hats more often. We don't do it too much here anymore, except for weddings and funerals. - G

Bill said...

Cleveland: We're haughtier than Dubuque.

On taking a second glance, I think Gal #3 might actually be wearing the color wheel that was the constant companion of my parents' aluminum (aluminium) Christmas tree.

Lidian said...

Bill - I think you're right, that may well be a color wheel. How inventive of her!

Marcheline said...

I thought that chick on the right was Rosalind Russell. Looks a lot like her in the good old days!