Friday, November 13, 2009


Velvet suds and sparkles?
What a load of crock
If you're in the kitchen
With a bossy clock.

She's just acting happy
With that stupid watch;
Her bottle's full of Ivory,
Too bad it isn't scotch.

Soap suds are not velvet,
Sinks are not a spa;
Baked-on crud is lousy
And no kind of Shangri-la.

Still and all, Nice going, lady!
Those are mighty lovely hands
Soon they'll toss that noisy pocket watch
In with the pots and pans.

[This ad is from 1942 and the bigger version is here at Ad Access.]


Tori Lennox said...

The pocket watch is probably hoping she'll take him along when the dude in the last panel takes her out to dinner.

Eric said...

Ivory soap, the sexiest smell ever (not).

Bill said...

That watch would be the first thing to get dunked in the dishwater.

Michael said...

What a message the ad sends! First, just how many tugs did the lady take from that scotch bottle to make her envision that a bossy timepiece was "helping" her wash up? takes 12 days with this detergent before your hands are "lovely" enough for your significant other to actually hold? Likely she drank the scotch to self-medicate a broken heart caused by her offish male companion! Oh, and lovely poem! I laughed out loud a couple of times reading it.

Richard @ The Bewildered Brit said...

What a stressful ad! I need a lie down! (In a room with no clocks!)

Lidian said...

Tori - It does look hopeful.

Eric - And it's 99 44/100% pure! Yowza!

Bill - It would in my kitchen. If I had a dishwasher! (It would have to go in the sink, I'm afraid)

Michael - She does look insanely happy. I never look like this when doing dishes. But then I'm not plugging away at any refreshing beverages (Scotch, Seven-Up, etc)

Richard - It IS a noisy ad. I think we all deserve the day off.

Amanda said...

Fantastic ad

Vintage Christine said...

Ya gotta love a talking watch acting like a drill sergeant in the kitchen--I could use one of them right now to get my butt off this chair!

Sugar Daddy Dating said...

The watch is acting like a general, he's the first one the lady should wash then throw in the garbage can, lol.

Hairball said...

Let's make that annoying clock do our dishes!