Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dubious Fun With A Duoped

Here we have the Duoped, a 1950s Fun Item which looks like pretty dubious fun at best. Hence the title. Yes, it's a slow day here but I wanted to check in at the Doubletake and I've been saving this one for awhile. I updated my other two blogs (links in the left hand sidebar, ahem) and now I have to go out and buy some birthday stuff. Because not only is November NaNoWriMonth it is Birthday Month around these parts. Hey, things will quiet down in December, maybe. That holiday stuff ought to be a snap. Right? Right? Hey, at least I'm not riding around on one of these. That's something.

That kid shouldn't really be wearing sandals while she's wobbling around on the bottom third of a tricycle, should she?


Mike Golch said...

thanks for posting that video.I was LMAO!

Richard @ The Bewildered Brit said...

It's like the original Segway!

beth said...

My holiday gift problem has been solved! Thank you Lidian (and German ingenuity)!

Lidian said...

Mike - I have some great commercials to post later, too. This sort of thing is so much fun!

Richard - It is!

beth - What fun it will be wrapping them up! ;)

Janna said...

Wow! How awkward!

If I tried that, I would most certainly fall flat on my face.

Or my butt.

Or both, if that's possible.

Steve @ Fact of the Day .CA said...

Duoped- It's like walking, but harder and more dangerous!

I liked the part where a guy slipped and sent his wheels flying off into a crowd. It would be fun to go on a slow stroll arm in arm with someone walking. Until you fell over.

Bill said...

Hell, I'm selling my car after seeing this!
Everyone made it look so easy & fun.