Monday, November 30, 2009

Leftovers I Love You

Leftovers, I love you
You're very nutritious
At least, that's what I tell folks
And no one's suspicious,

'Cause Thanksgiving's great feast
Like a culinary isthmus*
'Twixt Halloween and Yuletide
Means leftovers 'til Christmas:

There's turkey in pieces
And some pie the cat found
And strange Tupperwared veggies
Left lying around -

There's some cold mashed potatoes
And cranberry jelly
So get out the mustard
Don't go out to some deli!

Hot Dan to the rescue
With condiments galore
Will drown out the boredom
And make you eat more!

So throw it on sandwiches,
Trifle and custard
Clear out the whole fridge
By mustering the mustard

Leftovers, I love you
You are mighty appealing
Though the turkey is dry
And the stuffing's congealing

For you sit on the table
When the family comes looking
For something for dinner
And I don't feel like cooking.

[This 1949 ad comes to you courtesy of TJS Labs.]

*And isthmus? Well, something has to rhyme with Christmas, right? It means a narrow bit of land connecting two big land masses. It doesn't work, completely. But it stays for now, because it's Monday. Always blame Monday, I say!

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vanilla said...

Fantastic. The verses are, truly, better than the leftovers!

Leeuna said...

Love the poem. Can I serve it to my family along with the leftovers tonight? It might make them more appreciative.

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

lol, the stuffings congealing. so true so true..

I guess mustard had to come up with something even tho mayo is more suited to dry leftovers....

Vintage Christine said...

Now how many people can work the word "isthmus" into a poem about Thanksgiving leftovers, for pete's sake? That was awesome!

Barbara said...

I hate mustard. Hate it.

You are very, very talented with the rhymes!

Needless To Say said...

This poem is an instant classic, and you are one smart cookie, Lidian, my dear. You could be a paid jingle-meister!

Patricia Rockwell said...

This is probably the best Thanksgiving leftovers poem I've ever read!

Tori Lennox said...

I like leftovers most of the time. I think, however, I'd like them a lot less if they were slathered in mustard.

Lidian said...

vanilla - As always, you are very kind - thank you! :)

Leeuna - It would be honored!

Tracy - I just found another mustard-based T-giving ad, but it will have to wait until next year. The mustard folks had to get a bit creative, because one does tend to think of mayo more than mustard re the turkey sandwich.

Christine - Only desperate versifiers, I think ;) And thank you!

Barbara - Thanks! I like mustard, in the right milieu (it is not bad cut with a tiny bit of mayo, actually)

Needless To Say - Aw, shucks. You are all so sweet! I was actually thinking about getting all the poems together and, uh...Doing Something Useful with them...In the New Year.

Patricia - Thank you :)

Tori - I know, me too. I think I might let Hot Dan sit at a little table of his own, where he can slather away on his own plate. You know, if he shows up. (I will be a little scared if he really does!)

JD at I Do Things said...

You are awesome.

This actually makes me hungry for mustard; specifically, a bologna sandwich with yellow mustard.

You SHOULD collect all your poems. Make a little book! They really are JUST THAT GOOD.

Lin said...

If leftovers were so delicious--why do we need to douse them in mustard????

David @ Robot Armageddon said...

After I read the ad I become happy that ads nowadays don't require that much reading. Then I felt lazy.

Lidian said...

JD - Well, it's a thought...It isn't exactly a stellar job skill or anything, lol, but has amused me over the years and now (I hope) can amuse you all too..

Lin - Well, yes, exactly!

David - I know, they really went to town with the copy on some of these. You ought to see the 30s cartoon ones! There are some I've written about that are like one-page soap operas.

Hairball said...

I like mustard on leftover ham, but mustard needs to stay far away from my leftover turkey!

OLLIE MCKAY'S ~ A Chic Boutique said...

Yummy Leftovers! My hubby LOVES them and last night we had the very LAST scraps of leftovers - I know ~ that may have been pushing it a bit??!! But we mixed things up ~ And he took some for his lunch yesterday too! Ham sandwiches, turkey, chili, cornbread pudding, sausage and cornbread stuffing - what a treat and wow - got our money's worth - don't you think??

Michael said...

The stuffing might be congealed, but I think the people who appear in this ad have congealed brains. LEFTOVERS...MUST...HAVE...MUSTARD...ON THEM...


Lidian said...

Hairball - Exactly.

Ollie - You sure did! That sounds really good.

Michael - This is precisely what the French's people want you to think!