Friday, November 27, 2009

The Mystery of the Flaming Canned Fruit

Well, first of all, it is Flaming Fruit. Not Flaming Youth.

And not only that, it's Flaming Diet Fruit. You see, I thought that the point of the flambĂ© was to caramelize the sugar in a food  - you know, like fresh fruit. Or to finish off crepes doused in brandy or something.

So let me pose a scientific question to you:

What will happen when this soggy canned fruit (and believe me, the stuff out of the can will be WAY soggier than the fruit in the ad) - drenched in Sucaryl, is stuck on a skewer and set on fire?

Actually, I don't really know. But I'll bet it doesn't look anything like this picture. What do you think?

This little post was brought to you thanks to a lovely ad from - yet again! - Life magazine, October 15, 1965.The big version is here.


JD at I Do Things said...


What's worse than canned fruit?

Canned fruit a la flambe.

That looks truly nasty. Unless the plan is to just burn it beyond recognition. Then I might be OK with it.

Tori Lennox said...

Sucaryl being a chemical is likely to flame a lot bigger and badder than expected, I should think....

LOL! My word verification was "prowar". *g*

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

LOL, like setting fire to a sponge :)

Needless To Say said...

Well, they got one thing right: Burning fruit is a surefire way of guaranteeing its being tossed into the "diet" category!

Lidian said...

JD - How did they ever come up with the sort of thing? I love diet ideas from the 60s, they are so loopy.

Tori - The perfect word verification for this! Yes, this diet tip ought to come with a fire extinguisher.

Tracy - And just about as tasty as that, too.

Needless To Say - You got that right!

Amy said...

I just cannot imagine that for the life of me, ick...very 1970's?

Amanda said...

Oh my gosh, I would be way too scared to try that. Not only would is likely stick, but I bet the fruit would just fall apart.

Grandy said...

I've never considered lighting a bowl of fruit cocktail on fire. Hmmmm... I do have a couple days of down time. ;)

Lidian said...

Amy - It really is weird!

Amanda - Exactly. I think the first challenge would be actually getting it on the skewer without it disintegrating.

Grandy - It never occurred to me either!