Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Pop Art Fresca Pillow

The key to jazzing up any room: Pop Art Fresca pillows. Also Tootsie Roll and Sylvania Flashcube pillows. (Flashcubes, children, are what we used to use on cameras back in 1969, when this offer appeared, when taking indoor photos. They were actual cubes that you stuck on top of the camera.)

Three things I love about this picture are:

1. The incredible skyscraper hair on the model.
2. The assumption that we all have Faux Louis the Something rooms in our houses.
3. That a Fresca pillow and its friends are going to make the Faux Louis room look groovy and modern: "they'll make any room of yours contemporary."

But this seems unlikely, doesn't it? The model is not happy about it, in any case.

[From Life, February 21, 1969.]


Beth said...

I think I want one of those Fresca pillows. I have to have the fake Louis Quatorze furniture first? Because I most assuredly do not.

And I remember flash cubes! My mom used to use them on her camera; gosh, I haven't thought of those in years.

Lidian said...

Beth - I would also love a Fresca pillow, I like Fresca a lot :)

I hadn't thought of flash cubes in ages either, until I saw this.

Tori Lennox said...

I don't think they make the room look contemporary. I think the word they want is "eccentric".

And I remember flash cubes too!

Bill said...

I think the model is disappointed because she's reached for her giant Fresca, and it doesn't feel at all cold.