Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Shelvador Dali Refrigerator

The Shelvador Dali is a surreal refrigerator. That is because it is claiming to defrost itself. But in fact it is actually creating surreal art in there. Rearranging the fruits and vegetables to make strange faces. And if all your clocks end up in there looking like soggy pancakes, you'll know why.

At three o'clock in the morning, fully made up under studio lights, she's just pretending to dream, really.

And the Shelvador? It's just pretending to defrost itself. I remember those old refrigerators. They did not defrost themselves, ever. You had to put pots of hot water in there. Or a special defroster that looked like five curling irons welded together, that you plugged into a socket in the kitchen. It took hours to get that layer of ice off. It was like polar ice.

This lady is dreaming all right. Because the Shelvador's little gimmick has to do with Shelves. It is not called the Frostador or the Icepicador. You buy it for the shelves. And, of course, for its artistic talents.

[From Life, July 13 1953. Salvador Dali's 1931 painting, The Persistence of Memory, is from Wikipedia.]


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Michael said...

I had a great aunt who wore her makeup to bed. She was what people called, in mixed company, "eccentric." Of all the people I have known in life, she would also be the one most likely to have melted clocks in her fridge too. Perhaps this marketing scheme in the ad was to appeal to the "makeup to bed" demographic?

Tori Lennox said...

Oh my gosh. I remember having to defrost those types of fridges! WHAT a hassle!!!

And anyway, I thought Crosley made radios. I didn't know they were in the kitchen appliances biz too.

Lidian said...

Michael - I am sure that you are right! ;)

Tori - I'd never heard of Crosley, actually. I remember it taking my mom hours to defrost our freezer, it was a real pain.

Dave DeWall said...

Hi Lidian. Yes, I remember my poor Mom, God Bless Her, had to hassle with defrosting our freezer, also. She never complained, she just did it, that's the way it was.

Here on the edge of a jungle in the Philippines, we bought a new refrigerator to replace the one I bought for my mother-in-law nine years ago, which at the age of 70, was the first refrigerator she had ever owned!
Thanks for the post!

Kath Lockett said...

Maybe she stores 'special mushrooms' in that Shelvador of hers, leading her to believe that Mr Dali is in there, busily defrosting it for her as she sleeps?

SmartShopIt said...

And the marketing hasn't changed much in 50 years, huh! :0)

Vintage Christine said...

Hey! What's wrong with wearing your makeup to bed? I used to do it all the time . . . oh wait, that was because I'd come home inebriated and pass out. I love how you intertwined Salvador Dali and a refrigerator and actually made it sound perfectly logical. We are in possession of a non-defrosting freezer and the ice boulders are becoming REALLY irritating.

Bad Housewife said...

I remember my mother acting like defrosting the freezer was an epic event!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised if Dali actually made his own refrigerator ads - we had a Dali exhibition here recently and I saw some of his chocolate commercials - they were fun!

Eric said...

Well now, I'm going to get on my lobster phone* and order one of these right away.

* Dali reference.

Lidian said...

Dave - I remember defrosting an old fridge from the 60s in one of my first apartments, and gaining new sympathy for my mother :)

Kath - Interesting plot twist! :)

SmartShopIt - That's for sure. I wish the fridge would shop for itself, too.

Vintage Christine - I wonder if she sleeps with full makeup because she is too tired to take it off (I can understand that)?

Bad Housewife - Me too! (and I love your name, I must go check out your blog!)

Scott - I wonder if they are on YouTube, I would love to see those!

Eric - And after that, the phone goes back into the fridge, right?

Paul Baines said...

What a bizarre concept? The vision of melting clocks doesn't really instil confidence in the efficiency of a fridge. I wonder who they'd have chosen now, Damien Hirst? It's so big and reliable you can preserve half a cow and a shark in there for posterity lol.

JD at I Do Things said...

HA! So true. Never have I ever encountered a self-defrosting fridge.

Love the new header! (It's new, right?)

Lidian said...

Paul - There's an art exhibit or art book in there somewhere (possibly in the fridge, literally, too).

JD - Yup, it's new. AND the template. I am going to do a holiday one for December too I think.

I like the Boring Blogger Templates and adding that third column because I can play with the html and also keep my widgets. Am Blogger dork, what can I say?

Retro Gal said...

Very Retro, although I think Crosley should stick to making radios. 10/10 for art, 1/10 for practicality :-)