Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Talked-About Holiday Hostess

Oh, you'll be talked about, all right. And you know what they're going to be saying about you?

"Boy, Sally sure is obsessed with that Reddi-Wip! Can you keep her away from me for a minute? I really, really don't want any on my Brussels sprouts."

Sally is all tuckered out from Thanksgiving. I guess that's her excuse. She's been up since 6 am fighting with a turkey's innards. She's been chopping and slicing and dicing and baking. And now - now you're all going to pay!

Reddi-Wip must go on everything. You have a piece of cake or pie? It's going to get a blast from Sally's magic can. And you folks over there, the slowpokes who are still chowing down on stuffing and mashed potatoes and turkey wings? Guess what you've got coming to you!

So talk all you want. Sally knows just what you need. And you're lucky she isn't doing any face painting with it. Yet.

Happy Thanksgiving! And watch out for Sally and her Dessert Sensations.

[From Life, November 22, 1943.]

And many thanks to my friend Heidi, who presides over the wonderful kitschenfeast, for the Kreativ Blogger award!


Beauty said...

take a holyday, get more some rest to keep healthy and fresh :D

JD at I Do Things said...

Whoa, Sally! In our household, this product is known as "noise" (from the childhood term for the sound it makes). What Sally doesn't realize is that the fun is NOT putting it on ANY food but directly into the mouth.

Good times, Sally, good times.

Happy T-giving!

Margie and Edna said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you as well, dear!

Love, Margie and Edna

Needless To Say said...

The Reddi-Wip looks particularly fetching on that bowl of what appears to be bacon in the lower left corner. Mmm!

Happy Thanksgiving, Lidian!

Lidian said...

Beauty - Well, it's a regular week up here in Canada but I'll see what I can do about a holiday - well, sometime! :)

JD - Sally is quite the good-time gal!

Margie and Edna - I hope you have a lovely holiday! Thank you :)

Needless To Say - Oh yum, bacon! And I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving :)

Anonymous said...

Those dispensers always grossed me out. I always thought they resembled shaving foam cans and they sounded the same too. Everyone thought I was a weird kid because I didn't want heaps of that stuff on my ice cream or cake or whatever. Even now hand-whipped cream makes me gag. Bleh. - G

Vintage Christine said...

One of my fondest childhood memories was sneaking into the kitchen and aiming that can of Reddi-Whip into my mouth, pushing the trigger and getting an overload of yummy "whipped cream". You can't really sneak it, though, due to the big WHOOSH it makes. Hated it whenever Mom got all housewifey and decided to make whipped cream from scratch. And Cool Whip? How boring!

Patricia Rockwell said...

We were always a Cool Whip kind of family until we discovered how much faster RediWhip is. You can spray a dozen pieces of pie much faster than you can spoon on Cool Whip.

Lidian said...

Georgina - What abot Cool Whip? I have to admit, I kid of like Cool Whip (esp. when it is frozen)

Christine - Not a Cool Whip fan! OK, you can have the can and I'll have the frozen Cool Whip, how much fun will that be?

Patricia - We have both, I agree that Reddi Wip is very fast - and makes fun designs.

Amy said...

she's gonna be all whipped out!

Marcheline said...

A blast from Sally's magic can?

I didn't know she had digestive problems. Hmmmm... must be all that Reddi-Wip.

P.S. Who stole the "h" in "whip"?