Friday, December 11, 2009

Ave Atque Valetray

OK, so how many of you gave Jade East to your dad as a Christmas present? Please raise your hands.

I am waving my hand wildly. I think I may have used this exciting 1960s dad-gift idea more than once in the late 60s/early 70s period. I was in grade school, what did I know?

I remember thinking that it was a really clever and - dare I say - sophisticated present, and he was kind enough to put it on top of his bureau. Where it sat very politely - and sat and sat. Boy, I thought, he must really like it!

I didn't really notice that the bottles were staying full, though. Maybe I should have got him the Jade East Coral or Jade East Golden Lime variations. Actually now that I think of it, the phrase "Golden Lime" sounds disturbingly familiar.

The Valetray came with the cologne and after shave but the "Buddha cuff links and tie tack" and the non-Buddha key ring were not included, sadly. If only I'd known about this fabulous Valetray, I would have gone for that one year - just to change things up a little. Valetray ad from Ebony, November 1966 (the Golden Lime picture is from Ebony, April 1968).

Great big version of the Valetray here.


~~louise~~ said...

Hi Lidian! Your blog looks fabulous!!!! Shame on me for not stopping by more often!

I so remember these gifts sets. Am I dating myself here???

Barbara said...

If it smells anything like Brut, I'm outta here.

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Yes, I totally thought it was sophisticated . Guilty. Bottles still full. Probably still there :)

Jude said...

Raised my mental hand on this one, yes I also am guilty of buying this, but I loved smelling it on the boys in school, now I can't stand it, but when I smell it it brings many memories rushing back

vanilla said...

I think the kids gave me the "Lime" variation in the '60s. More than once, perhaps. Probably because I actually used it.

Me-Me King said...

I did! I did! I read an article recently where rocker Alice Cooper said Jade East is the only cologne he wears. He claims there's a mail order company he can still order it from.

Richard @ The Bewildered Brit said...

I want some Buddha cufflinks now!

And I'm getting an error message if I click on the link to the big version of the Valetray. :(

Lidian said...

louise - Thanks! I am never totally happy with it but that's just me :) I date myself with every post, I think!

Barbara - It is much, much worse, I believe.

Tracy - I think my mom got rid of them when I went to college ;)

Jude - I didn't know that boys wore it too. It was the Axe of the 60s!

vanilla - I liked the name. And the logo. It just seemed like such a cool gift in 1968 (I was six, mind you)!

Me-Me - This is the one thing I find shocking about Alice Cooper, actually ;)

Richard - They do look like fun. The error message? Not fun. Will check it right now. I made the ad public, y'all come etc. Hmmm....

Lidian said...

Richard - I just tried the link and it worked, so...I don't know. Let me know if there's anything helpful I can do on this end. said...

I so remember these gifts sets.

Anonymous said...

I never gave this to my Dad for Christmas (it was before my time), but I am sure my older brothers and sisters did. Am I a freak for thinking that it actually looks like a cool gift set or is it just the retro-factor that I'm digging? -G

Lidian said... - Yes, indeed :)

Georgina -It does look kind of cool from a retro perspective!