Monday, December 21, 2009

Santa Takes A Break

The dog is really cute. Love the doggie! He is not taking any breaks though, no sir, though he will be pretty soon, I hope.  He might not want to wear that outfit for too long. Kudos and a large dog biscuit to you, my friend.

But the Jolly Life Size Santa? I find him a little - off-putting. What's he doing hanging around outside the house, anyway? Shouldn't he be getting things ready for the 24th? I know I am. Wrapping, panicking, tidying up, trying to find that terrific gift I bought back in September and hid in such a great place that now I can't find it (true story).

The Life Size Santa is 5'9" (which is "almost six feet tall," apparently - maybe he has 3" heels on those boots) and you stuff him full of newspaper and place him in a lounging position by your door. Or on your roof or "by the fireplace" (mind the plastic though).

But I kind of like how he's sitting on the fence, looking so carefree, even though it's his Busy Season. He must know some good relaxation secrets. Or else he's delegated everything to the elves. He is the CEO after all. And he was made in Miami, so he's probably been in Florida all year, relaxing.

Maybe he could just come inside for a minute and help me find that gift I hid so well last fall.

[From Life, November 19, 1971. Really big version here. Not as big as that Life-Size Santa, but still.]


The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

You know what... those house size blow up things are really scary! LOL have you seen them??? omg

Eric said...

Greenland Studios??? I thought it would come from the North Pole.

JD at I Do Things said...

I want to gently squeeze that cute dog's puff of a tail.

Lidian said...

Tracy - Not in person, no. I'll bet they are!

Eric - They ought to, really.

JD - Me too, he is darling! (Also patient. I am not feeling either of those things today and I do not even have the excuse of the silly Santa suit!)

Tori Lennox said...

Relaxed Santa is probably so relaxed because he's delegated all his work to that poor dog!

Richard @ The Bewildered Brit said...

Blimey, a 5 foot 9 inch Santa would take a lot of newspapers to stuff!

The idea of all that plastic and paper "by the fireplace" would be enough to stop me sleeping over the Holiday season!

Lidian said...

Tori - You know, that's probably exactly what's going on! That poor little dog!

Richard - You'd have to save your newspapers all year, I should think. And no, I don't think he ought to go near a fireplace - never mind a chimney!

mike said...

I can't tell if Santa is at ground level, indoors, or on an outdoor balcony three stories up.

My first thought was to push him off the balcony, cause he's too big and creepy.

prashant said...

I thought it would come from the North Pole.

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Keith said...

That was really cool. I hope your week has started off well. Take care. Cheers!

Vintage Christine said...

Ha ha--"Have a living Christmas ornament in the house"!! Then when the dog dies you can stuff it, put on the Santa suit and bring it out every year into perpetuity. What a bargain! And yeah, that life-size Santa is creepy.

Lidian said...

mike - I'm not sure Santa knows, either.

prashant - It ought to, yes :)

Keith - Cheers to you too ;)

Christine - Oh dear, I hope not!