Sunday, December 6, 2009

She Changed Her Mind

She's happy that she's going on a trip, all right. Yes, this is going to be fun! She was in a really bad mood at first. I can relate. Airports make me cranky, too.  But - it looks like the thought of an American Airlines plane trip just...changed her mind! Just like that! Yay!

And she's also happy to be wearing a searingly bright yellow pea jacket with a scarf for a belt. What a fashion innovator I am, she is thinking. Check out the yellow! Check out the scarf-belt!

But wait, there's more! She's also happy that she didn't lose the glove she's holding. But really, she ought to put the second glove on. Or else take the first one off and put those things away. Is it cold enough for gloves or not?

And lady, you also need to fix that beret. It is about to come off. Because when the plane takes off, there's going to be a huge gust of wind. That is not going to be good for a little hat that's barely hanging on as it is.

Speaking of which...If she doesn't stop doing the Happy Dance on the tarmac, she's going to miss the plane.

...And when that happens, she will be changing her mind again. She will not be so happy after all.

[From a 1950 American Airlines ad at Duke University's Ad Access.]


Tori Lennox said...

I thought at first maybe she was going on a ski trip, but 1) she doesn't have any skis, and 2) there's no snow.

Maybe she's going to a Michael Jackson fan thingy? With the one glove and all.

Lin said...

I'd just be happy to get a scarf to go around my whole waist!

Lidian said...

Tori - I'm not sure she really knows where she's going!

Lin - Yeah, maybe that's why she's so happy.

Vintage Christine said...

So apparently she was scared and then she flew on an airplane and American Airlines changed her mind about flying? Methinks it was actually several teeny weeny bottles of vodka that did the trick!

Lidian said...

Christine - LOL, I'll bet that's it!

Hairball said...

That coat is so bright that my eyes are watering!

Marcheline said...

See, before I squinted and ruined my eyesight trying to read the small print, I took that picture to mean that she had been going to leave her husband. Hop on a jet and take off to Vegas with the pool boy. But then she "changed her mind" and came back instead.

How disappointing.