Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Soup Opera

This soup's the kind you get in Rome
We thought you'd like it here at home!

Is this supposed to be minestrone?
I think it is a little phony.

It's broth and veggies as per always
And noodles from Campbell's can-lined hallways

Some breadsticks and a costume or two
Does not make a generic new.

And nothing in this instant soup karma
Suggests Milan or Rome or Parma

Oh Campbell Kids, you can admit it
Just say the tricksy admen did it:

They tell us something came from Europe
And pour on hyperbole like corn syrup

They dub tapioca Spanish Flan
Then work their magic on a Campbell's can.

But Whoopie Pies are not Dobosch Tortes
According to culinary sorts;

And an Oreo's not a Snickerdoodle.
Likewise, this soup is Chicken Noodle.

[From Life, December 8, 1958. Big version here.]


Barbara said...

"Minna what? I ain't eatin' this foreign food! We're 'Mericans! I didn't fight in Dubya Dubya 2 to eat Minna whatever!! Get me a steak, woman!!"

Eric said...

How can you tell if it's real 'Rome' minestrone soup?
It comes in a vatiCan... haha, thanks, I'll be here all minute...

ps - I like the way Barbara thinks.

JD at I Do Things said...

"They tell us something came from Europe
And pour on hyperbole like corn syrup"

You seriously need to collect these into a book. Seriously.

I bow down to you.

Speedcat Hollydale said...

HA HAAAAAAAAAA !!! Well done :-)

Barbara said...

vatiCan! Love it!! May the Pope bless your soup Eric!!

Richard @ The Bewildered Brit said...

You hit the nail on the head, Lidian!

My Italian ancestors would be turning in their graves at this.

If I had any Italian ancestors, that is.

Lidian said...

Barbara - I know! This is pretty exotic fare for 1958! ;)

Eric - I like the way you think too! That is classic! A tremendous lol ensued...

JD - I am honored, because I think you are fabulous at humor writing :) I will see how many I have, actually. I have stuff from college too (limericks, T.S. Eliot parodies, etc) but they are usually about real people. Ha ha - that'd be edgy!

Speedcat - Welcome back to naughty old EC! I was very glad to see you :) And thanks.

Barbara - Yes indeed.

Richard - The eternal if! Actually i do have an Italian ancestor, just one, who came to NY in the 17th century. He was apparently a royal pain, and nearly got thrown off the boat several times. Fit right in in New Amsterdam, which had plenty of rowdies.

Vintage Christine said...

There are so many recipes for minestrone that the Campbells version really isn't off the mark by much, although when the recipe calls for pasta I don't think anyone meant "disgusting flacid noodles". You are the rhymin' queen, Miz Lidian!

Lidian said...

Christine - The noodles particularly bothered me. You describe them perfectly! And thanks :)

Amy said...

Could be worse. at least they don't have a scary kid's face at the other end about to shove it in his/her mouth.

The Accessory Lady said...

Very funny! Definitely not something you'd eat in Rome. :-). Are you a fan of Mad Men?