Monday, December 7, 2009

Split Ends

I told my gray hair
To hit the road
We were through, I said.

So it got up and packed a bag
Full of all my best shampoos
And creme rinse,
And took the silver hairbrush.

My gray hair said:
I was going to be heading out anyway.
I've stuck around on your head
Long enough. A job well done.
Now I'm going to go see the world.

It drove all over America
Did the Jack Kerouac thing,
Stopping at beauty parlors
And hairdressers all over the Lower 48.

Sometimes I get a postcard,
Or a Clairol ad clipped
from an old magazine
And a strand of hair, in an envelope.
I always know
Who it's from.

When it got to California
It got bleached
And last I heard
It was hanging out
In Long Beach
Near the old amusement park,
Waiting to be discovered.

My new hair is perfect
Full of youthful Clairol highlights.
It smiles at my husband
And waves to him
And we are both certain
That he has been hypnotized
Entirely, by what's dyed.

[From Life, November 22, 1943, bigger version here.]


Vintage Christine said...

Hmmm, does that mean that if a woman DOESN'T dye her hair she'll finally be able to get rid of old Fat 'n Farty?

Barbara said...

So, her husband was shallow enough to be lured back to her with hair dye? What a loser...and stupid too, if he didn't even figure out that one day she was gray and the next - ravishingly blonde...guess he's blind too. Wow, what a catch.

heidi said...

not alot going on between his temples. which i'm sure are greying, too. fool.


Richard @ The Bewildered Brit said...

I think I'd be more than a tad disturbed if the only thing holding a marriage together was the colour of one of the party's hair! Oh deary me!

Barbara said...

Richard: You should see some of the old Clairol ads...your husband could look 100 years old, but god forbid you look over 20...

Lidian said...

Christine - I assume so.

Barbara - Yeah, that's what I thought, too!

heidi - Yes indeed. I don't know when the first male hair-dye ads show up but I did write about one from 1969, so I'm guessing the 60s. I will try and find out...

Richard - It really is such a startling idea of marriage!

Barbara - They used the same horrid concept in toothpaste and many other ads, too. So enchanting!

Art of RetroCollage said...

She should do what my spouse and I do. We color each other's hair.