Saturday, December 26, 2009

Uncle Ned Drops Through

Uncle Ned
The disembodied head
Is one relation
Who causes some consternation
For when he comes to call
He simply bashes through the exterior wall
To hear him confess it, he
Has made a virtue of necessity:
Since a talking head will always be discussed
He feels that a dramatic entrance is a must.

Yet crashing through
is really no disaster:
He never fails to bring
a hostess gift of Rutland plaster;
And Cousin Sue,
though in a rather fancy dress
Is always able
to patch up the mess.

But save some Rutland, Sue!
For everyone knows
Ned also likes to leave a big impression
when he goes.

[Ad from Popular Science, April 1941.]


Tori Lennox said...

She really is over-dressed for patching walls, isn't she? Bet she's wearing high heels too!

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

hahaha! Yeah, I always do construction in a party dress :)

Hairball T. Hairball said...

How much did Rutland plaster pay Uncle Ned to destroy walls and create business for them?

Lidian said...

Tori - You should see what she wear to fix the roof.

Tracy - Well, a 50s gal always needed to look her best, no matter what!

Hairball - I suspect that Ned got quite a nice commission on every wall he plowed through.

Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure she's a 50s "gal" - that's rather a strong chin and muscular neck "she" is sporting. Perhaps the patching plaster covers up more than dented drywall.

Lidian said...

scottsabode - Yes, perhaps! And sometimes a gal just runs out of pancake makeup..