Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Doc Glueky Is In the House

Let YOU repair my furniture? Like I'm going to let an adhesive-obsessed friend of Snow White's into my house, armed with a bottle of  super-glue. No thank you, Doc "Glueky." I guess that is an in-joke, your name. I don't get it though.

What sort of doctor are you, anyway? If you cannot remember your pants in the morning, I hardly think that you are up to making diagnoses. Still, I suppose that it is nice of you to offer to repair my furniture (though the implication that it is all falling down around us is a trifle rude, you must admit).

Perhaps the Wicked Queen could hire you to glue her magic mirror back together. And you might want to suggest a course of self-esteem-based therapy as well. Or maybe you could repair a few gingerbread cottages. The Necco Wafer roof tiles do tend to fall off when it rains (they melt, too, but that's another problem). And Grace the Card Table Lady from yesterday's post could have availed herself of your services before rushing out to buy new card tables. She might want to work on the whole issue of peer pressure, too, while you're at it.

From Popular Science, April 1941.


wngl said...

Lidian, you have outdone yourself. This is 9.1 on the LOL Richter scale.

Pam@GoRetro said...

"Glueky" must be one of the Snow White rejects who wasn't chosen to be one of the seven dwarfs.

Just wanted to drop by and say hello...I'm way behind on my blog visit rounds. And Happy (belated) New Year, by the way!

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Yeah, as above. The eighth dwarf no one knows about because he has no pants :)

Tori Lennox said...

Glueky is one of the OTHER Seven Dwarves. Along with Sticky, Tacky, Gummy, Clammy, Sweaty and Whiny.

Barbara said...

Very nice! Honestly, a gnome with no pants repairing my furniture? Solid!! It would be the first time in a long time there was a man with no pants here!! YAY!

Anonymous said...

Nice post, Lidian! :)


Epicanis ( http://www.bigroom.org/wordpress ) said...

Yeah, thanks a lot for this - now I keep hearing this insistently alarmed high-pitched voice in my head saying "They're after me glueky charms!" (followed by a strong sniffing noise).

I'm obviously grossly underslept...

Richard @ The Bewildered Brit said...

Love it!

I reckon this is what Santa Claus does during the "off months". He sticks on some Spock ears and goes around gluing furniture back together.

Lidian said...

wngl - Thank you! And of course after that sort of event we will need the furniture glued back together, possibly.

Pam - Hi, lovely to see you! I will pop by later, I want to catch up with you, too.

Tracy - They didn't like to talk about him, I guess.

Tori - Ah yes, the relatives.

Barbara - LOL!

Anonymous - Thank you :)

Epicanis - Yes, he must have had a hand in that cereal (so to speak). I did like those little marshmallows though (not the cereal part).

Richard - Yes, this is what he does. His alternative career.

Mr. Stupid said...

Look at the guy. He forgot to put on his pants. He even forgot to shave. Well, a very bad doctor! lol
Great post Lidian!

mike said...

Wow...I think it's all been said already. Glueky is the worst elf ever.
Awesome post!

Lidian said...

m8ike - He really is, and you know it as soon as you hear his name!