Friday, January 22, 2010

The Green Stampede

It's Friday, let's play a game! How many of the "lovely gifts" from Green Stamps can you find in Mrs. Irish's house? I've made this one extra-large so you can see better.

I'm guessing the pink plastic grapes and the orange dishes that match the plastic oranges (I think they came as a set).

The doggie? The Where-the-Wild-Things-Are Scary Plant in the background? You be the judge.

If you can't see anything interesting, feel free to make things up.

Slightly boring Fun Fact: I went to the Green Stamps store once with my mom in the late 60s - yup, there was at least one in Manhattan! And I don't remember much, but there seemed to be a lot of brass tube-y items like cheap TV stands. I don't think we went back after the one time. But she used to paste those Green Stamps in the little books like nobody's business. Did anyone else go to the Green Stamps store? Do tell!

My friend Barbara at the delightful if I didn't have a sense of humor has asked some of us to post a favorite picture on their blogs. Now about a million years ago I posted some family photos over at Virtual Dime Museum, my history blog, and one of my favorite photos ever happens to be over I am going to direct you to this photograph, taken in the early 1890s at Rockaway Beach in Queens, which features my grandmother and her brothers and sister.

I said it over on Virtual Dime Museum but it probably bears repeating, because I know that not everyone reads both blogs - I am working seriously on a mystery novel (which takes place in Victorian-era Brooklyn, with a female detective, so VDM links up with my research pretty well, mostly). I am really having to consciously allocate daily work time for it. So - I will really try to keep up with all of my favorite blogs, and comment when I can, and Twitter (and do a little bit of  EC)  - when I can, just not as much as before...


Barbara said...

Oh ye of little faith:

In the old days (the sixties), you could get all sorts of GOOD things with green stamps. She could have got that table, the hurricane candle thingie, the chair - hell, even the kids clothes.

Scoff not at Green Stamps - we were very sad when they closed!!

PS: Thanks for the plug and great photos!!

Shieldmaiden96 said...

Is that a Le Creuset dutch oven over her right shoulder? I wish I could save stamps for one of those bad boys. They are on my kitchen lust list.

Barbara said...

A small view inside an S&H greenstamp catalog...

vanilla said...

I'm with Barbara: We got lots of good stuff with S&H Green Stamps. We had to package the books and mail them off, though, because we lived Nowhere (nowhere near an S&H store, that is.)

Thanks for the reminiscing.

Eric said...

Does WalMart honor 'Forever' Green Stamps?

Tori Lennox said...

She probably got the napkins and place mats with Green Stamps. Hey, maybe she even got the kid with them!

I vaguely remember going to the GS store when I was a kid. But I don't remember what, if anything, we got.

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

You know I remember one in NJ later than the 60, must have been the 70's..and I remember the store and the stuff and tons was cheap and than there was a few high end stuff (appliances) and I remember thinking who could get that stuff?

I don't remember if it was hundreds or thousands of books but my mother had stamps and wasn't even close even after years of getting them.


FreshHell said...

I remember my mother collecting Green Stamps when I was little but I don't know where she redeemed them. I haven't the slightest idea what she got with them.

Lidian said...

Barbara - Well, I was little, I plead ignorance ;) I will say that my mom did get some incredible china from the grocery store in the 70s - blue and white, Early American looking, and just wonderful. It is my favorite china :) Thanks for that link BTW!

Shieldmaiden - I didn't see that! I love my non-Creuset (I wish!) Dutch oven, I use it all the time.

vanilla - I stand corrected! Actually, I can easily believe that there were some good things to be had. In fact, I wish they still had Green Stamps, really. I love that kind of thing.

Eric - I wish they did.

Tori - I was wondering if she got the kid from them.

Tracy - It did take a LOT of stamps to get something, yes - my mom had a cartload of booklets when we went.

FreshHell - I have no idea what my mom got, either - not the slightest!

Patricia Rockwell said...

I don't think my mother collected green stamps, but I know for sure my grandmother did. She had an impressive collection of books and books full. Truly, I can't either remember anything she got with them.

Lidian said...

Patricia - Funny how the Green Stamps themselves are so vivid in memory but not the actual items!

Barbara said...

Lidian: Seriously? Am I that much older than you? Sigh.

Check out these links!! Just a few things you could get with S&H Green Stamps! I know I'd kill for the floor lamp in the Arlene Francis ad..

heidi said...

we had a green stamp store in my little hometown well into the 80s - and i remember saving my own stamps to buy good stuff: a phone & a toaster oven for my mom for her bday. it's pretty diggy - wish they still had that. i giggle every time i'm at a flea market & see full books for sale - at a friggin' premium, too?!

Lola said...

S&H Green Stamps are now greenpoints. and if anyone has any books full of S&H Green Stamps, they can be redeemed through greenpoints. There is instructions on the website.

I remember seeing S&H Green stamps around my house growing up in the 60's, but I don't recall my Mom collecting much of them. My Dad was a big smoker and he collected stamps from Raleigh and Belair cigarettes and and I recall my Mom ordered a lot of stuff from their catalog.

Lin said...

I think she got little Billy over there with her stamps. Much easier than childbirth any day!

LOL on the stamp books. My mom kept us busy licking those bad boys and sticking them in those silly books. ugh. I think that's where my brain damage came from.

Sam said...

Hi friend, how are you? I'm here for a weekend visit. keep in touch :)

Janiss said...

I'm so excited that you're seriously focusing on your novel! Being a writer myself, and a full-time, work from home one at that, I know what it takes to get these things done.

I love both your blogs, but really enjoy the turn that Virtual Dime Museum has been taking. If if it's any hint of what is going into your book, it is going to be a great read! Can't wait!

Sparkle has her second book coming out in August (I don't even get credit on this one!), and the publishers just recently finished the cover art - if you want to take a look, it's on her website (my name link).

Auntie E said...

I know I have some of those in my house. We used to collect them all the time.

Lidian said...

Barbara - Thank you, those are amazing links! No wonder Andy Williams looks so happy. I'm 47, by the way, born in '62.

heidi - That toaster does sound cool, and so do the books.

Lin - Yes, those stamps were fun. i remember that they were pretty hard to paste in evenly, the booklets were not big.

Sam - Hello!

Janiss - Thanks, that is so nice of you! I will absolutely take a look when I can, that is great for Sparkle! My cats are not so enterprising, they are busy sleeping ;)

Auntie E - That is great that you still have them, I wish I'd saved ours.

Lidian said...

Lola - Thanks, I had no idea they were still around!

Cindy said...

I think my mother got all the towels and sheets I took with me to college from the Green Stamp store - as well as her own toaster oven, coffee pot, and maybe more.

I worked in a supermarket that gave Green Stamps when I was in high school. Many of the customers who didn't save the stamps themselves would tell me "Take them home to your mother, dear!" - Mom loved that.

Bill said...

My mom collected S&H Green Stamps and Gold Bond Stamps. She would drag me to the Green Stamp store at Janaf Shopping Center ("A Mile of Shops!" - and not one of them was a toy store), but I can't remember what she bought there. I'll have to review my mother's 1960's diary blog for clues.

Marcheline said...

Dollars ahead? DOLLARS???? Egads, let's get some green stamps and fast!

Note the absence of Dad in this picture. This is why Mom needs green stamps... because Dad took off with his secretary and now she's got to feed Billy and Fang on the money she makes as an escort.