Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kitten With A Whippie

No groovier product
Than hair stuff in a can
Has ever been made for the Kids by the Man

Hey beatnik, it's heavier
Than double spelt bread
And never was there a more Grateful Head

For conditioner drips
When you're high on good karma
Your freak flag is flying but soap's messing your dharma

Though alternative lifestyles
May include tilting-head power
To avoid getting stuff in your eyes in the shower,

The Establishment thinks
It would be very funny
To see the Young Folks spend a whole lot of money,

For aerating makes volume
So what looks like a lot'll
Be half what you got when it came in a bottle

So draw headbands and peace signs
To make your head trippy;
But one thing is quite clear: no true hippie is Whippie.

[From LiveJournal.]

Fun Fact: the Urban Dcitonary says that whippie is now used to mean a wealthy hippie - a hippie-crite, you might say. And Mr. Whippy is British (and New Zealander) ice cream - there was a Mr. Whippy truck in A Hard Day's Night, that's how I know. And I took the title from the 1964 Ann-Margret movie, link here.


Georgina said...

If only that tree-hugging hippie knew what she was doing to the ozone-layer. - G

Barbara said...

Seriously? Creme rinse went up her nose? How did this woman survive if she couldn't keep creme rinse out of her nose?

Thank god for aerosols of the 60s and 70s - burning holes in our atmosphere so she could be protected from drippy creme rinses. it!

FreshHell said...

Simply awesome. You've outdone yourself.

Katherine (a.k.a. Katie) Corrigan said...

Groovy poem my friend. Hugs!

Lidian said...

Georgina - I think it might be hard to explain it to her, she is just too darn happy.

Barbara - I can think of many things that are more challenging than creme rinse, yes.

FreshHell - Thanks :)

Katie - Hugs to you too!

Mr. Stupid said...

"Hair Stuff in a Can, made by Man"
HAHA That was an amazing poem. Great job!:)

scottsabode said...

I like how the strawberry from her towel is in frame - strawberries and cream!

Eric said...

Haha, excellent poetry there.

Also, doesn't that model look 'whipped'? Even being paid for the ad, she can't hide the 'just kill me now' look in her eyes...

Bill said...

Those darned drippy creme rinses! They went right up her nose!
(does she stand on her head when she washes her hair???)

She looks to me as if she's been snorting lots of things up her nose, and is seconds away from crashing for three days.

Lidian said...

Mr. Stupid - Thanks!

scottsabode - I like that too, and i thought about trying to work it into the poem, but was too lazy ;)

Eric - She really does!

Bill - This is quite likely, yes.

Marcheline said...

Note the way her arm and that huge button are positioned to preclude any suggestion that this girl might be sporting nipples under that towel... can't have a whippie with nippies, now, can we?