Monday, January 25, 2010

Peas Peas Me

No no, this is not what has you blushing. Please pick a better, less annoying reason from the following:

I am blushing and ineffectually hiding my face with my hands because

a. I have matched my dress and my shoes to coordinate with a box of frozen peas (including the yellow accents, so have clearly given this a lot of thought).

b. I made a horrible looking dinner and splotched it with those self same peas, like acne on a face.

c. I have just realized that when he says things like 'he's never seen or tasted anything quite like this!' that it isn't necessarily quite as positive as I had thought a minute ago.

Feel free to add a reason d, if something pops into your head. Otherwise, have a good Monday and I'll see you all later. I can't believe I updated both blogs on the same day. That just isn't going to happen very often anymore. I blame Monday, though do not know why yet. I'll think of something!

You can see a bigger version of this lovely 1948 ad here. And for no other reason than the title pun and, well, I feel like posting a video, here's a classic Beatles clip that is way, way better than a box of frozen peas:


wngl said...

It would be a happier world if everyone just color-coordinated with food they eat. Meat eaters would be distinguishable by their brown attire, vegetarians by distinctive yellows and oranges and greens, and omnivores, all over the map as they are with their prandial habits, would sport crazy quilts.

Now I'm craving peas...


Midcenturymadam said...

She's not blushing, she is wiping the peas off of her face that her 2 year old just flung at her from his highchair. He hates peas! I can't blame him. They are definitely not my favorite. Love the Beatles though.

Tori Lennox said...

I'm not a fan of peas. And frankly, I wouldn't touch that meal with the proverbial ten foot pole. Ick!

Barbara said...

Shame on me! I never once thought of coordinating my clothing with the dinner I'm serving! May come in handy on Italian Night to wear red, now wouldn't it? But would it clash with dessert? Questions, questions...

Amy said...

I can't imagine my husband even looking at a meal like that - bleurgh!

Lidian said...

James - It might make my life easier to do that. We could have different colors on different days, possibly. Or this might complicate things even more, which is really the last thing I need ;)

Midcenturymadam - I love the Beatles as much as I hate frozen peas, so it is balanced.

Tori - It really is not a nice thing to see.

Barbara - Red on Italian night means the red wine you spill will never show!

Tori - It would appall and frighten everyone at my house, ! know that.

Bill said...

d) "Why, oh, why did I buy this industrial-size package of peas! It's just me & the mister! I'll have to put peas on everything I serve for a week."

This reminds me of shopping at the huge shopper's clubs, where all sense of proportion & serving size flies out the window...until you try to fit the stuff in your pantry or freezer when you get home.

kathcom said...

d) I just remembered that I'm allergic to peas! My tongue is swelling and my throat is closing up. Boy, is my face red! I mean, literally, my face is breaking out in hives.

Lidian said...

Bill - That's a possibility; she ought to be thinking that, anyhow.

kathcom - Yes, that's a good one too!

Marcheline said...

She's actually blushing because her husband just realized her calves are twice the length of her thighs, making her legs five feet long. In proportion to her two-foot torso, this makes standing up in public a cause for instant mockery. Which is why she hasn't stood up for oh, ages!