Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Typewriter Follies Of 1940, Starring the Big Dither

I guess if that's what a manual typewriter makes you do, I ought to be doing a big MGM type song and dance all around the house, since I have spent the morning assessing old drafted chapters from the various versions of The Mystery Novel.

But since I do not own a large pole or a plastic cylinder thing - or know an office boy with a drum - I will probably just sing a little. Quietly, though.

From now on, I'm probably going to intersperse the slightly-better-thought-out comic posts with little dispatches like this, because I hate the thought of closing down Kitchen Retro. I mean, it may come to that as I put in the hours necessary to really get a working version of TMN going but - I love my blogs. I really do. But I was looking at my dashboard this morning and realized that I have over 600 Virtual Dime Museum posts and over 700 Kitchen Retros, which is a lot of blathering, isn't it?

I am never sure about the idea of a writing blog to correspond to TMN, because with mysteries you do not want to give away TMI (har har) - but maybe I'll end up doing something more closely linked to creative writing and just update the present blogs, say, once a week or so. Oh, but then I'm back to 3 blogs and that's no good, no good at all.

Or perhaps I will just do one blog about writing and books I read, since reading more is one of my goals this year too (and that helps with writing, of course). I've joined a challenge to read at least 4 Victorian novels this year (I believe I can do that, at least!) - but Victorian matters belong on my other blog, I guess. Sigh.

I'll keep you posted.

Advertisement from Life, 1940, big version here.


The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Lidian, I don't even get the ad! LOL, what about that typewriter could even be better that the last model? LOL

FreshHell said...

I love your blogs so I hope you keep posting as you have time. If you do start another about writing/reading, will you let me know? I'm a writer (and a reader, for that matter) too.

Lidian said...

Tracy - Absolutely nothing! lol

FrshHell - Thank you, I sure will.

Richard @ The Bewildered Brit said...

Well, we need you blogging in some form or another! Your writing is too good. Even if it's only occasional, I'd still love to read your stuff!

Bill said...

I couldn't view the large version of the ad, so I'm checking to see if I got the gist of this:
It's 1940. There's a new freedom for secretaries that makes them prance & sing. This new freedom is provided by a typewriter. The typewriter is roughly the same weight as a maghogany Stromberg-Carlson "Brentwood" television console, and it looks like a boulder. But it's really, really fast. Really.
Am I on track, or do I need to get out my magnifying glass?

Tori Lennox said...

I adore your funny posts of old ads, but I do understand the need to write and read more. :)

And just to tie this in to your ad, I'm so happy I don't have to use a manual (or even an electric) typewriter to work on my books!

vanilla said...

Okay, you need to redeem the time. But don't go away entirely. We need your humorous essays!

Eric said...

Lidian, you are an individual??? I always assumed that with three blogs and such rich content with custom poetry on each post, you were a large conglomerate of writers.

Well, we'll miss the fun of goofing on old advertisements.
Have fun writing your novel!

wngl said...

Post when you can, and I am very much looking forward to your novel! A writer gifted as yourself, Lidian, will give us something for the ages, I'm sure.


Lidian said...

Richard - Thank you :) I intend to keep blogging, but am thinking about where, when and what at the moment (though VDM will continue for sure).

Bill - You are exactly on track, and sorry - I did make the Flickr image public, so not sure why it is being so recalcitrant...

Tori - Thank you, they are a lot of fun. I probably will keep on at least for a while here - but goodness, 700 posts! That is a lot of electric bow ties, isn't it (so to speak)?

vanilla - Thanks :)

Eric - Yes, it is just me, lol. ANd I am not giving up the retro altogether, I'm just in transition (which is odd but sort of enjoyable).

James - Thank you, I appreciate that, coming from you. And I'm looking forward to reading more of your writing too, of course.

Mr. Stupid said...

I just love your writings. They give me a laugh each time. Maybe a post once in a week would be a long wait. But I sure would come back...

About the ad, Freedom from work? I don't think so. It is still just a Typewriter... lol

Lidian said...

Mr Stupid - Aww, thank you! And as you see, it has not been a week at all :) I can see 3 times a week a least, in the future, but they might be short. Haiku, perhaps.

Marcheline said...

Wait... you don't even own a large pole? Somehow I think you're holding out on us.

Just look at the smile on the guy in the ad - he really admires women who know how to handle a large pole!