Saturday, February 27, 2010

Song of the Magic Cheese Chips

Decidedly unusual?
Well, yes, we all agree
A chip that's made of Magic Cheese
Whatever that may be

Is not the usual sort of thing
You drop into hot grease
But this will make you smile all day
For profits will increase.

"No complicated work" unless
Hot oil's not your m├ętier
Or unless a bubbling vat of orange
Bits gives you dismay.

No house-to-house! No large machines!
The stores will sell for you -
A goldmine made of Magic Cheese
For men - and women, too.

A big and fluffy mystery chip
Is what any bon vivant
Desires in a delightful snack:
It's just what people want!

Yes folks, this is the very thing
For easy part-time pay -
This frying gig relaxes you
After scrubbing pots all day.

What's in this Magic Cheese, you ask?
We really cannot tell
It's orange and it's salty
Perhaps that rings a bell.

Thank you Heather for the ad. I've seen some other fun Magic Cheese Chip ads, all from the early 1930s, so I guess this one is from then, too.


Georgina said...

"Experience unnecessary"? Count me in! Beats the pants off of stuffin' envelopes from home, I suppose. - G

Epicanis ( ) said...

There's that disturbing phrase again..."food product".

Mmmmm, yes, please allow me to feast upon "product".


Barbara said...

Can you imagine how many cheese chips you'd have to fry to make a profit? Holy Fontina Batman!

Tori Lennox said...

"Fluff-O-Matic:? Don't they make industrial dryers for laundromats?

Relax Max said...

"Just drop them into hot grease and they are ready to eat."

Just stick your hand in the hot grease and pull one out and eat it.

Mimi said...

I am soooooo excited I found you!! This blog is fabulous! Just added you to my faves list.

I just recently started a Retro Weight Watchers Recipes blogging project. I'm having a blast!

Hope you'll check me out:

Bill said...

Popular Priced Food Product

I guess that means that many people will like it, but it will not be free of charge. So far, so good, if you hope this venture will let you give up that job as a cashier. You'll still be on your feet, though, because you can't wander off for a power nap like you can with a pound cake in the oven.

Food Product. A neighbor from my childhood years made a rooster wall hanging from various dried beans and uncooked pasta, I guess that would qualify as a food product, too, no?

Jennifer said...

All I can think of are magic mushrooms. But that's a different type of product altogether.

Dr. Julie-Ann said...

Being the geek that I am, I had to see if I could find a recipe for cheese crisps. Alas, I could not. I found many recipes claiming they were cheese crisps but none required dropping them into hot grease. Maybe that is why you need "magic cheese" if you want to make these cheese chips.