Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Win A Golden Dinosaur!

It's June 1962, so that means it's time to get out there and win a solid gold dinosaur. Holding a tiny Dr. Pepper bottle. Because this is what you've always wanted. Only you never knew!

The dinosaur statue was created by Johnny Hart of "B.C." comic strip fame. So actually it was pretty cool. And it was 24 carat gold. So if you got tired of it sitting on top of the TV, you could melt it down and make it into something else. Oh, and the dinosaur came with a $10,000 dinosaur dowry, so that's nice.

What do we have to do to get in on this? Buy a carton of Dr. Pepper - a whole carton. There will be an entry blank in there somewhere. And that is all they are going to tell us.

Dr. Pepper was known for its nutty contests in the early 60s, according to this ad (from Life, June 29, 1962, big version here) - earlier contests featured a diamond doorknob and a tropical island. I'll try and track those ads down because a diamond doorknob sounds pretty good to me. We need one of those. It would go so nicely with the decorating theme around here, Early Modern Clutter.

The tropical island would come in handy too, for those times when you just want to get away from It All. Beats going down to the basement and hiding in the laundry basket. There's usually a cat in there hogging all the space, anyway.

In the meantime we will all drink lots of Dr. Pepper and have Caveman Cookouts. This is an occasion, the ad tells us, where everyone comes barefoot and eats with their hands. And swigs soda, just as they did back in the Cro Magnon era.


Bill said...

I wonder if the tropical island is inhabited by golden dinosaurs? A sort of precursor to Jurassic Park?

RNSANE said...

That won't be a hard task for me! I have always loved Dr. Pepper!

RE - Recycled Frockery said...

ooo I remember the tropical island giveaway. woww that was a long time ago. hey Lidian, have you got the early coca cola bottle from the milkyway ? that big huge one from times square ? I loved that bottle.

obtw, when I lived in dallas, I toured the dr pepper plant in dallas, as they have a mobile one that they bring to the texas state fair. it's the biggest state fair in the world. it was loads of fun.
I also drank so much dr pepper that I could almost float out of the park. it was free of course. ;)

heidi said...

on a hot day i'd drag someone by the hair through the dessert for a dr pepper, so this ad suits me just fine!

Pam@GoRetro said...

I wonder if anyone still has a golden dinosaur from this contest and if so, if it's worth anything.

Tori Lennox said...

Is that a diamond the size of a doorknob? Or a doorknob encrusted with diamonds (or just one diamond)?

Richard @ The Bewildered Brit said...

How amazing! Yet another reason to love The Pepper!

Lidian said...

Bill - It would be fun if it was!

Carmen - It would be harder for me, I am not that crazy about it (it reminds me of root beer which I also am ambivalent about)

RE - That is so cool that you toured the Dr. Pepper factory! I don't have the cola bottle from Times Square, I will have to look that one up...

heidi - In the desert I would go for it, absolutely.

Pam - I was wondering that, too.

Richard - Absolutely, they ran some fun contests. And the ad copy is kind of self-mocking (a little) too, which I like ;)

wngl said...

Dinosaur dowries and Dr Pepper, how predictable!

Barbara said...

Me want Caveman Cookout!!