Monday, March 22, 2010

A Del-Ray of Sunshine

I don't have a lot of time today so I'm sending you all this beautiful postcard.

It is from the Del-Ray Motel on Route 40 a little bit west of Indianapolis. Isn't this an enchanting place?*

The pastel-tobacco tiled walls! The brown and yellow floor! They contrast so nicely with the mint green of the glass desk, the beds and the bolted-to-the-wall night table.

Best of all, the room seems to come with a strange guy who will show you exactly where the bed closest to the door is. He is wearing his best Fred Mertz pants, belted just under the armpits.

You can use that wall phone to book another motel room. Fred will point out the door, his smile barely wavering (though it may indeed waver, so proud he is of this splendid room) as you leave.

*I'm not here, though. But maybe some day!

[From WMFU's Beware of the Blog (it's on Flickr and some other places, too).]


Jennifer said...

I can almost smell this room. And that's not good.

Barbara said...

Man, the maid probably stripped the beds and hosed down the walls. Not much to cleaning that room!

Dibs on the curtains!

wngl said...

Wow, that looks like a converted prison cell.

Dee said...

I want that green glass desk. The walls, on the other hand, look like they belong in a gas station rest room.

vanilla said...
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Mimi said...

Looks like they turned my 4th grade classroom into a hotel room.

WTH is that on the tray next to the teapot? Is it a ham?

Anonymous said...

Give me the Bate's Motel any day!

Bill said...

I'd book a room here in a minute!
That floor lamp! The rotary dial wall phone - with a cord that will keep you right in that desk chair. The chenille bedspreads!
But mostly, those walls!!! Jail cell, operating room, or county morgue - you decide. Imagine how every snore would reverberate all night long.
Absolutely enchanting.

Lidian said...

Jennifer - Yes, it does have a sort of intangible odor to it.

Barbara - And best of all, the shower stall matches.

James - Complete with converted prison guard.

Dee - I liked that desk too, actually.

Mimi - It is scary, whatever it is. I suppose it could be a ham.

scottsabode - I wonder if there were any postcards from the Bates Motel?

Bill - It really would be an unforgettable vacation, staying there.

Eric said...

Is that a *15* inch television?

Seems like it would be a real swell place to relax for 10 to 15.

Tori Lennox said...

Are you sure Fred is pointing out the bed? I'm thinking he's pointing to where the body was stashed between the bed and wall.

And that DOES look like a ham on the green glass desk!

Melanie said...

I want that floor for my kitchen. Those old industrial tiles NEVER wear out. The rest of the room is just too hideous for words.

Lidian said...

Eric - I think our TV in the 60s was about that size! I guess it is around 15".

Tori - I do not like to ask Fred what he is pointing at.

Melanie - I had tiles like that in my first apartment, only they were the color of bubble gum with blue streaks in it. And they were indestructible!

Richard @ The Bewildered Brit said...

Wow! I've always wanted to stay in a motel with walls that look like a prison cell and with a scary bloke standing by the door!