Tuesday, March 23, 2010

House of Fashion Secrets

The mysterious aliens had a hidden agenda. They would not rest until every man in Gotham City was wearing a red suit, white socks and brown shoes.

"We will lure them with piles of patently fake-looking bright green money, and disco balls from the future," one of the aliens cackled.

"And also cheap yet glittering costume jewelry, including of course a plastic tiara from the dollar store," laughed another.

"Yes, they will soon be wearing bright red pants that are slightly too short in the leg, ha ha!"

"Soon our fashion domination of Earth shall be complete!"

Then a third alien, who had been thinking in the corner of the spaceship (which was shaped like a freestanding boutique at a mall), spoke up. "Yeah, but then what? So they're all wearing red suits. And that makes us powerful because --?"

"Because - because...we will also turn their stupid downtown buildings bright pink, that's why!" Which made, of course, no sense at all. But everyone agreed that it was the only plan anyone had been able to come up with.

And so they lowered their fishing lines of sartorial doom...

From Cover Browser.


vanilla said...

Think about it. How many of us human beings have been "caught" by just such baubles?

Great analysis, but just what is the significance of the pink buildings?

Bill said...

Don't you find it baffling that the Man in the Carnelian Suit (who obviously got there first) chose the disco ball instead of the cash or the jewels? Those aliens had better throw him back.

I thinks that's Ivana Trump on the lower right.

Tori Lennox said...

I'm too busy rolling around on the floor laughing to come up with any comebacks!

LOL re Ivana Trump, Bill!

Lidian said...

vanilla - Maybe it's sunset? No idea.

Bill - He thinks it is the Diamond as Big as the Ritz, or perhaps it's son. Ivana just wants whatever she can get, I suspect.

Tori - There are a LOT of fun covers over there.

Tori Lennox said...

Remembering some of the comics I read as a kid, I know there are. LOL!

Mr. Stupid said...

LOL. Hilarious post. Interesting way of fishing. BTW, it seems to be quite effective... hehe

Have a good day!:)