Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Swellest Sunday Morning Treat in the World

Ed is pretty darn excited about his Sunday fun. He's showing off his cankles, and he's all spiffed up in his three piece suit, ready to chat.

But his neighbour Tom has not, I suppose, had any Postum yet. And therefore does not see what fun it would be to be in Ed's slippers (I am not sure that it ever would seem like fun, but never mind). So Tom is going to stay perfectly calm until he gets the whole story:

I can't get very excited 'til I learn what this swell treat was!

Tom needs details, you see. Heaven knows what he's expecting to hear about. But probably not something like - bran muffins:

Piping hot bran muffins, made with 40% Bran Flakes! Man, were they good!

Ed is on a mission. He must tell people about how much he liked his bran muffins. He goes into a whole lecture about bran and regularity and - well, just head over to the larger version (link below) if you'd like to learn what Ed did. And "Mrs. Ed"* chimes in, reminding Tom that Bran Flakes are on sale!

It takes a few months - and we won't be inquiring too closely into that - but Tom, of course, does what he's supposed to, buys the flakes, eats a LOT of bran and - yes, happiness all around! More hysterical excitement. Soon the whole neighborhood will be dancing and singing and extolling bran - just like those Viagra commercials from a few years ago. Wow, who knew bran was so incredible?

And not are only the people happy - even the cereal bowl can't help breaking into song down at the bottom. It's the Ethel Merman of whole grains: "Life is swell - when you keep well!"  It's a good thing those Bran Flakes are only 40%. Imagine what they'd be doing - and doing to you! - if that percentage was any higher.

*Which makes the Bran Guy "Mr. Ed," right? I guess this is the result of all those bran muffins.

[From Life, July 24, 1939; bigger version here. Oh, and I had to change the title because I already used it, last year...I knew it sounded familiar! The guy in the 2009 Branderful Life post was excited about 100% Bran - please note that he is a Disembodied Head, too - not sure what to make of that...]


heidi said...

this ad moved me. and i'm pretty sure the muffins moved ed, too.

Tori Lennox said...

I'm trying to figure out why Ed is wearing a three piece suit, sans shoes, in an easy chair IN THE FOREST.

RNSANE said...

There was a time when I loved fun cereals but, alas, old age has me spending more time in the bran
( and prune ) aisles ( more info than you needed, I know!

Mimi said...

Never underestimate the power of bran.

Pearl said...

Lid you goofy man you.



Barbara said...

Never use the bathroom after Ed on Sunday.

Kath Lockett said...

I *might* want to be in Ed's slippers if I was a tranvestite PeeWee Herman wannabe....

Lidian said...

heidi - They certainly did, from his expression.

Tori - I was wondering that, too.

Carmen - And yet Ed makes bran seem like such fun!

Mimi - I never will again.

Pearl - My dear, ED is the goofy man, not moi ;)

Barbara - Well, yes. lol

Kath - That is a perfect description of Ed!

Bill said...

"Life is swell - when you keep well!" was abbreviated from the original "Life is swell - when you keep well away from Ed's bathroom on weekends."

Next, the ad campaign moved on with "Life is grand - when you can 'go' on command."

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

It's hard to know what these ads are about sometimes lol. Slippers... no. I always think its so funny...when they 'sell' to men they always look happy when they sell to woman ....alot of times the woman dont look happy. sort of like you dont want to be like her?

they rarely do the same thing with me... so odd

Richard @ The Bewildered Brit said...

"A few months later"??!!!

I'm genuinely terrified to ask what took him so long!

Marcheline said...

Um, I don't really think it was his slippers he wanted Tom to be in... and we all know what the "swellest Sunday morning treat in the world" is, don't we? (Hint: It ain't bran flakes, that's just a load of crap! Pun intended!)