Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Million Socially Popular Babies

It's a well-known fact that you can't really sell Dr. West toothpaste to babies, or Palmolive soap, or Halo shampoo - all the things that ensure social success for the grown-ups.

Yet the babies are also concerned about their standing in society. Even if they aren't exactly standing.

You can sit there and chew on your dress all you like, but the real mark of a Socially Popular Baby is whether it is wearing fashionable "Duxkin" Baby Pants. I do not know what "Duxkin" is nor why it requires quotation marks. Must be an in-joke with 1940s babies. All I can think of is "duck skin," but surely one does not instantly equate duck skin with either comfort or poise.

Having said all that, unless Empire Shield nylon is the most incredible sound/aroma barrier ever invented (sort of the fabric version of triple-paned windows plus Tupperware) - I don't think these pants are really going to deliver on their social promise, do you? No matter how much testing went on in the Empire Shield laboratory (and what fun it must have been to work there, on the frontiers of Nylon Pant Science).

[From LiveJournal.]


Barbara said...

Well, first of all...it could be fun working at the Empire Shield lab - if all you had to do was poop in diapers. I mean, getting paid to poop...well, that could be interesting...

I wonder how babies discuss the social aspects of clothing...

Carol Yates Wilkerson said...

I imagine the conversation would go like "Gah, Gah, ewww, poo poo". LOL

Tori Lennox said...

If these are waterproof how can they be washable? Just sayin'.

Eric said...

I'll bet the quotes are required because of the extremely high humor factor brought to mind with the old saying about 'water off a duck's back'.

Hehe, sorry, ha, I just can't help but ha laugh at that.

(I laughed until I stopped)

Lidian said...

Barbara - It would be interesting, yes. But the pay would have to be spectacular.

Carol - Ah, scintillating social chat! ;)

Tori - I think you could wash them, sort of like shower curtains. But I am not sure.

Eric - I think you've solved the mystery! That certainly is riotously funny, they must have all had a great laugh - until, as you say, they stopped.