Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Moon Over Amami

Well, if you are wanting to buy up any of the last bottles of Amami setting lotion, you had better hurry. I read it in the Daily Mail, you see. Yes, I read the Daily Mail - I like to keep up, you know.

So you'd better make sure you hurry straight over to England because that's where they are selling the Last Bottles of Amami. Yes, the very setting lotion that we've made fun of right here (though only once I see, not nearly enough!) was still being made up until - right now! I didn't know. And now it is too late.

What is Amami, I hear you asking (not really)? It is a quick-setting curling lotion and conditioner. It is "the secret of round-the-clock grooming." And of being "Neat in the Kitchen" (just don't peek in the sink, or the oven).

So that's the big secret! That is why I look so horrendous and frizzy-haired at 6 am: lack of Amami. You see, Amami is something that "clever wives, wise to their husbands' admiration" use pretty much all the time. Which lets me out right there. That really is too clever for me, especially at 6 am. I'm not even wise to where the coffee is (wherever it is, it needs to be closer) or what the horrible scratching noises are (that would be our cats, hinting that they would like breakfast).

But anyway: in honor of Amami, I thought we ought to do an advertisement about it today. And another bad-pun title (there were so many that sprang to mind: the Amami Blogger, Amami Knows Best, Just Amami - but I went for something a little different).*

And in hunting for Amami ads, I stumbled upon a fabulous, terrific site called History World, which I highly recommend - why, there is even an Ad Museum! So you can imagine that just like Christmas morning for me, over there. The link to this 1953 Amami ad is from History World, right here.

*Moon Over Miami was a 1935 song, a 1941 movie with Betty Grable, a 1990s TV show and a breakfast dish more commonly known as Egg In the Basket (it is a piece of toast with the center cut out, in which reposes a fried egg). None of which have a thing to do with setting lotion - though maybe we could pretend that Betty Grable used it on her blond curls.


Anonymous said...

My favourite brekky is called "A Moon Over Miami"? I love those things! That's a much more romantic name than Egg-N-the-Hole, which BTW, I thought was an exclusive family recipe. I always loved it when My Dad made one for me on Sunday mornings.- G

Tori Lennox said...

It may be "nice to come home to" if your nose doesn't work. I bet it still reeks to high heaven.

Ally said...

My friend and I joke about Moon Over My Hammy which is a dish on the menu at Denny's - not sure if they still serve it, now I know where they got it from! Great post! I'm your newest follower :)

Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

Bill said...

Or she could sing "Forget Amami" as she hooks her Icall permanent-wave machine up to the battery of her Yellow Rolls-Royce.