Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Once Upon A Cowbell

Fake books with title-free covers? Check. Lighting fixtures that are in danger of plonking right onto the froofy headboards? Check. A big pretend yawn for the camera which has wandered into the bedroom? Oh, yes, check!

Also: why do these people have cows on their night table?Or horses, maybe they are horses. But still. Why?

And why does he have a bell on his side? When he rings, is she supposed to jump up and get him some bedtime milk and cookies? Answer: Probably. This is why she's pretending to yawn: soon she will be pretending to be so fast asleep that she cannot hear that cow bell (insert "needs less cowbell" joke right here).

So maybe the little man inside the mattress can go get it the milk and cookies. He doesn't seem to be doing anything much except pointing.

From Life, October 31 1949; bigger version here.


Barbara said...

That bell would last one ring at my house.

Ding dong yourself, jerkwad. Make your own coffee.


Tori Lennox said...

Geez. Everyone knows (except apparently the person who did the set design for this ad) that cows belong in the KITCHEN.

Mr. Stupid said...

Maybe the Bell is an Alarm Clock. Not very convincing though!:)
Cows? Wow. Great Showpiece.... hehe

Have a good day!:)

Janiss said...

Not to mention the fact that they are sleeping in twin beds like roommates, not a married couple. It totally mystifies me why people did this circa the 1940s. Seriously. If I had to sleep separately from my Significant Other (like because he snored too loudly or something), I'd also want my own bedroom - and a bigger bed for myself. If they can afford the knicknacks and crap, I'm sure they can afford a second bedroom. And yeah, I'd probably fling that stupid bell at the dude's head if he so much as THOUGHT of ordering me around with it. And that would be letting him off easy.