Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Selling Punch

Nearly everything sells better
In an acetate window box -
New potatoes, old tomatoes,
Navy blue nylon socks,

Whatever kind of product
You are pushing in the store
Just stick it in a windowed box
You'll sell a thousand more!

That Sunny Doll, however,
Would like to get out of there
The sun is shining in her eyes
And damaging her hair,

Because it's like a sauna in there
And acetate gets too hot
Unless you're a piece of jerky
Or a dried up apricot,

Remember, they said that nearly
Everything sells better in celanese
They didn't mean mouse traps or old shoes
Or milk or cottage cheese.

And so this ad reminds us all
The word "nearly" is very cool,
It saves an silly ad with an
Exception to the rule.

[From Vintage Ad Browser.]


Tori Lennox said...

Weird. Isn't this somewhat akin to having an ad for cardboard boxes? Or plastic bottles?

vanilla said...

Great verses! Poor Dolly; hope someone saved her.

Bill said...

The doll does look anxious to get out of that box. She looks like she's planning a break-out if a buyer doesn't rescue her soon.

Relax Max said...

Some people might think the acetate window doesn't really improve sales. Yet, I purchased my last car because it was peeking out at me through plastic. Yes, it was odd, but eerily compelling, too.